What's the Difference between RHA and RAs?

Students often confuse the idea of RHA with what they already know, the RA position. RHA, however, is an organization run by the delegates elected from each residence hall at the beginning of the semester. We deal with housing issues that are not germane to the RA position and vice versa. RAs deal with the breaking of policies set by the Department of Housing and Residence Life and with bringing the residents that live in their buildings together to create a community. RHA, however, deals with issues that surround housing as a whole (adding more bike racks, installing cigarette butt receptacles, and adding more benches to sit on) and puts on programs and events for the residents of UTC Housing in order to build community within the residence halls. We also help sponsor some of the RA's programs. Being a part of RHA does not mean you will have to enforce housing policies, although we do expect you to follow them. Additionally, if you are interested in becoming an RA in the future, RHA is a great starting point to you learn necessary leadership skills and get to know the Housing Department.

If you are interested in UTC's Department of Housing and Residence Life and like participating as part of a team to better help others and the community, RHA is the right place for you!