Chancellor's Blue Ribbon Award

April 2022 Recipient - Bill Floyd

Bill Floyd, Resident Space Educator at the Challenger Center, was nominated by Laurie Allen who said "Bill's passion is space education. He spends countless hours developing content and ensuring all PreK-12 and university students participating in Challenger programming have a meaningful experience. He takes pride in his work and being a part of the Challenger team fulfills his dream." Laurie also shared that "It's important to him that everyone who walks in our building has a positive experience."

Profile photo of Nora Ketron

March 2022 Recipient - Nora Ketron

Nora Ketron, Administrative Specialist in the Library, was nominated by several of her coworkers: Emily Thompson, Laura Perryman, and Ryan Jones. Ryan Jones shared, "she continually went the extra mile," and Laura Perryman stated that while Nora had taken on additional duties of support, "she has graciously accepted" them. Emily Thompson stated, "Nora not only improves the working environment in the Library, but she is incredibly good at her job. Since she came on, all of the tiny but crucial details are just done without asking."

John Johnson

February 2022 Recipient - John Johnson

John Johnson, Parking Assistant in Parking Services, was nominated by David Seidel who shared that "John has gone above-and-beyond in being an ambassador of UTC to the visitors and new students parking in his assigned area. John provides directions, compliments UTC, and provides helpful insights to visitors and new students. We have received multiple compliments from new students, parents, and visitors about John. We believe that he should be recognized for his hard work campus-wide."

Jason Harville

January 2022 Recipient - Jason Harville

Jason Harville, Assistant Director of the Student Success Programs, was nominated by Crystal Edenfield.  Crystal tells us "Not a day goes by when I don't see Jason making meaningful connections with students - he is a resource, a support system and an advocate.  He is passionate about UTC and always willing to help anyone at any time." 

Chris Beavers

December 2021 Recipient - Chris Beavers

Chris Beavers, Accounting Specialist II - Travel & Accounts Payable in the Accounting Services department, was nominated by Faith Garner.  Faith tells us in her nomination, "Chris is always very helpful when I call, but what sets him apart is his attitude. He never becomes impatient or annoyed with my questions…he is a lifeline for me and many admins at UTC. He is courteous and very helpful when I call, even when I am the cause of the problem!"

Hannah Turcotte, headshot in blue shirt.

November 2021 Recipient - Hannah Turcotte

Hannah Turcotte, Coordinator for Student and Family Engagement, was nominated by both Elana-Grace Anderson & Laura Cagle who tell us "Hannah is an encourager, a hard worker, a team player and a dedicated servant leader. Settling for mediocrity is not an option for Hannah...She takes pride in the services & programs that her office and the University as a whole offers to students."

Amber M. Dennison

October 2021 Recipient - Amber Dennison

Amber Dennison, Senior Counselor in the Counseling Center, was nominated by 5 different individuals who tell us "Amber is a tireless champion of students' mental health. She routinely carries a larger caseload than the rest of her colleagues, yet she consistently goes above and beyond to provide students with the highest quality care."



September 2021 Recipient - Christy Waldrep

Christy Waldrep, Administrative Support Assistant in the College of Engineering & Computer Science, was nominated by 6 different individuals, who tell us “Christy has a dedication and commitment that I have not seen in many years. She is unparalleled in her role…and her work with CECS exceeds all expectations. For 5 months, she acted as both the Dean’s admin and the Chief of Staff graciously and to perfection.”


Headshot of Sarah Canatsey

August 2021 Recipient - Sarah Canatsey

Sarah Canatsey, Instructional Developer in the Rollins College of Business, was nominated by Lisa Burke-Smalley. In her nomination letter, Lisa tells us, During the past 2 years, Sarah has uncovered innovative teaching technologies, methodologies and Canvas tips/tools that help faculty get up to speed quickly and ultimately better serve our students. She has very creative ideas and work-arounds when problems seem insurmountable in the ‘heat of the stressful moment’ which is so appreciated.”


Sharon Hardy nrm892

July 2021 Recipient - Sharon Hardy

Sharon Hardy, Lab Specialist in the Chemistry & Physics departments, was nominated by 4 different individuals who told us, “Sharon is a vital member of the Dept of Chemistry & Physics. She is a personable, approachable colleague who is willing to assist at any time. She is supportive & nurturing to our students, encouraging them to continue when they struggle with difficult courses. She will be missed by all in the department when she retires next month.”


June 2021 Recipient - Maurice Dorsey

Maurice Dorsey, Assistant Director and Coordinator of Student Organization Events & Operations of the University Center, was nominated by Aaron Grisham.  Aaron tells us that “Maurice shows a level of care to the student employees in the UC that lets them know that while he is their supervisor, he is also there to help in any way that he can. Over the years, Maurice has assisted many of the UC student staff with a wide variety of non-work related issues & questions. He is a valuable member of the UC staff and the students enjoy having him as a supervisor.”


Sherese Williams Headshot

May 2021 Recipient - Sherese Williams

Sherese Williams, Assistant Director in the Honors College, was nominated by Linda Frost. In her nomination letter, Dean Linda Frost tells us “Although Sherese is not a faculty member, she acts like one, undertaking research & publication, actively growing her knowledge and sitting on far more university-wide committees than most.  She has helped to transform our college and university for good.”


Christopher Stokes

April 2021 Recipient - Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, was nominated by Lauren Ouwerkerk and Emily Rosenquist who told us, “Chris walks into the Multicultural Center each and every day to work towards changing the lives of the students he serves. He shows up each day and does not leave until the work that needs to be completed is done. He showcases an exemplary “Student’s First” mentality for all students on campus.”

Nate Barger headshot

March 2021 Recipient - Nathan Barger

Nathan Barger, Director of Sports Medicine, Athletics, was nominated by 7 individuals who all recognized the impact of his efforts. “Nathan has worked tirelessly to maintain the health and wellness of the athletes on campus. He has been instrumental in helping to keep the infection rate of these students to a minimum.”

Danielle Kriener, WCC Specialist

February 2021 Recipient - Danielle Kriener

Danielle Kriener, Writing and Communication Center Specialist, Library, was nominated by Beth Leahy and Ethan Carver.  In their nomination letters, they tell us “Danielle was instrumental in helping the Writing Center move our service online…she has demonstrated flexibility & enthusiasm, and is always willing to do more to ensure we are helping as many students as possible.”

Brett Fuchs

January 2021 Recipient - Brett Fuchs

Brett Fuchs, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Conduct, Director of Student Outreach & Support and Deputy Title IX Coordinator was nominated by Dawn Ford.  In her nomination letter, Dawn Ford recognized Brett Fuchs, stating, “Brett has an unwavering dedication to the university and worked many weeks in excess of 100 hours to make sure the job got done. He has made many sacrifices by working holidays, weekends, early mornings and late nights…all without additional compensation”

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