Student Resources

A collections of resources for COMM students:

The Studio at the Library

Looking for a place to work on media projects? The Studio at the Library is a great option. They have 24 work stations (12 Macs, 12 PCs), all loaded with Adobe Creative Suite. They also have an audio suite and a video/photography suite. Plus their reference librarians can help answer some of your questions. Learn more about the studio:

Using COMM Equipment

The Department of Communication provides a variety of video, photographic, and audio recording equipment for COMM students to use in class and to check out for use outside of class time. Here are a few resources to help you use the equipment once you reserve and check out the equipment:

Canon EOS 80d

Canon XA11

Canon VIXIA HF R600

Sony Nex 5n

Nikon D5600

ZOOM H4n Recorder

Adobe Resources

In many of our classes you are asked to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications. All of these applications are powerful and take years to learn. Below are some resources to help you learn what you can do with these power tools.

Adobe Audition (audio editing)

Adobe InDesign (publication design)

Adobe Photoshop (photo editing)

Adobe Premiere Pro (video editing)

Adobe After Effects (video effects)

Adobe Character Animator (animated charcters for videos)

Adobe Illustrator (graphic design)

Public Domain & Royalty Free Content

When working with images, video, and audio you need to be mindful of copyrights. You simply can't reuse something you found on Google or elsewhere on the Web.

One safe way to use others work in your projects is to use content that is either in the public domain or content that other individuals have decided to make available for use (sometimes with restrictions).

Below are links to some sites with either public domain content or content that is being made available by the other with some restrictions. Be sure to read the rules and restrictions on each of these sites to make sure you can use the content.




UTC Student Resources

  • UTC Learn - Web support for UTC classes.
  • MyMocsNet - Login to MyMocsNet to find out what classes you need to take (through MyMocsDegree) and manage your student account (through Self-Service Banner).
  • Disability Resource Center - Support for students with disabilities.
  • Student Support Services - Struggling in school? Student Support services maybe able to help with tutoring, academic advising, and more.
  • UTC Writing Center - Need help writing a paper?
  • More Resources - Links to everything from the Bookstore to the Video Production.