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Arts and Sciences Residential College

The Arts and Sciences Residential College welcomes students with a declared major in one of the college’s thirteen departments, along with those wishing to explore any of these programs.

Four Living Learning Communities house students majoring and minoring in English, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, History, Political Science and Public Service, Music, Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science.

Students pursuing other majors within the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to join the Arts and Sciences Residential College's CAS General Community.

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Life Out Loud - A Literature and Languages Living Learning Community

Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures (MCLL) and English

This is a Humanities‐inspired community of students passionate about the study of languages (English, Spanish, French, Latin, and others) and the literature belonging to those languages.

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PHASES - Politically, Historically, and Socially Engaged Students

History and Political Science and Public Service (PSPS)

The PHASES residential learning community will engage incoming History and Political Science majors with the local history and politics of the Chattanooga region, transforming college students into active citizens with a stake in their communities and the region.

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Sustainable Mocs

Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science

The Sustainable Mocs residential learning community will introduce students to the interdisciplinary nature of biology, geology, and environmental science as each discipline interacts with issues related to sustainability.

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Music Row

Performing Arts-Music

Music Row is the new residential learning community for freshmen, sophomore and transfer students who love music.

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