Digital Literacy Workshop Resources

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS•S) and Performance Indicators for Students

Wiki, Blogs, Web Sites

Evaluating Web Sites

Online Tools

Social Media

Digital Natives • Millennial Generation Information

Timer Movies

Games Templates, Collection 1

Student Videos: Video score sheet/rubric (pdf)

Student Response Systems (basic info)

NOTE: There are many other systems besides the ones listed here. Search for classroom response systems or student response systems.

Creating smaller URLs: BitlyTinyURL • shortURL • metamark • (NOTE: There are many other web sites that do this. This list is just a sample.)

Presentation Tools

Document Sharing/Storage

Screen Capture

Artistic Creation

Audio & Video Resources Used

  • Playing for a change:  Stand by me:
  • Braley, J.  (2008).  Defining a city: Chattanooga.  Retrieved from
  • Wilson, J. (2006).  A ma place.  Personal communication.
  • King, B.B. (1990).  Thrill is gone. On Live from San Quentin.  New York, NY:  MCA Records.
  • Perkins, C. & Friends (Clapton, E., Harrison, G., Starr, R., & Edmunds, D).  (1085).  Maybelline.  On Blue Suede Shoes: Rockabilly session.  UK:  Snapper Classics.
  • Landrum, D. (2000).  Opposites.  On Questions in the Calm.  Chattanooga, TN:
  • Brown, A. (1990). Mambo Banjos.  On Simple Pleasures.  New York:  NY:  Vanguard Records.

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