Weekly Event List


Monday, January 24

Can We Talk?: Just Talking or Stalking? 
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm 
University Center, Center for Wellbeing – Suite 350

Crushing, flirting, courting, "just talking." Whatever you call it, you're into someone and you want them to know it! Ya know, there's healthy, positive ways to go about expressing interest in someone and then there's showing up unannounced with a boombox outside of their window (Thanks, Say Anything!). In other words, there's an expression of feelings that honors the other person's privacy, boundaries, and ability to shut you down, and then there's stalking. Join us on Monday night and we'll discuss the DOs and cast aside those DON'Ts. Center for Wellbeing staff will distribute and collect reflection cards. 



Tuesday, January 25

Adult Archery 
10:30 am – 12:00 pm 
Outdoor Chattanooga facility at Coolidge Park (ride included)

Calling all adults 18+ who would like to join us indoors at Outdoor Chattanooga for target-style archery with games! Outdoor Chattanooga staff will provide all the equipment and instruction to facilitate friendly competition and camaraderie while playing fun trivia and target-style games. Genesis compound bows are provided for all participants to use. The bows can be dialed to a low resistance to accommodate all skill levels making this a fun, beginner-friendly activity. Sign up by RSVPing on MocSync by 10pm, Monday, January 24.

Study Abroad 102 
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm  
Lupton Hall 105

This session will allow students to meet with a staff member to get their general questions answered and work on choosing the right program that matches their academic, personal and professional goals. These student-led sessions can cover anything from financial aid and scholarships to the credit process to program options. Students must complete the Study Abroad 101 canvas session before attending a Study Abroad 102 Session. Center for Global Education staff will distribute and collect BTC reflection cards. RSVP Required at:

Take Five 2022 – Harlem Renaissance Era  
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm  
UC Chattanooga Room (and Zoom)

This year’s theme for the Take Five series is the Harlem Renaissance, done to commemorate the centennial of the publication of the 1922 Book of American Negro Poetry, the first anthology of Black verse to be published by a major press, which is informally credited with catalyzing the movement. During this first session, there will be an extended introduction to provide larger context for the Harlem Renaissance era. Dr. Verbie Prevost will then guide everyone through several powers by Langston Hughes. This event will have light refreshments. If you have questions, please email Aa[email protected] Please complete an online reflection for this event.  


Wednesday, January 26

Organize your Life 
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm  
Library, Room 205

Get help managing the chaos! Attend this workshop for tips and advice about how to use apps, technology, and proven techniques to best manage your time.


Library staff will distribute and collect reflection cards. William Savoy will distribute and collect reflection cards. 
Films at Fletcher: “The Inventory: Out for Blood in the Silicon Valley” 
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm  
Fletcher Hall – Room 105
Join the business school for a FREE showing of "The Inventor: Out for Blood in the Silicon Valley," a 2019 documentary film focused on recently convicted American former businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes. The film chronicles the collapse of Holmes' health technology company, Theranos, following a series of investigations that revealed potential fraud and suspicions that Holmes may have misled investors, as well as the U.S. Government. Holmes was just convicted for these crimes earlier this month. There will be FREE drinks, popcorn and giveaways! Limited seating available, so don't wait! Reserve your ticket now! William Savoy will distribute and collect reflection cards. https://www.utc.edu/gary-w-rollins-college-of-business/news-and-events/calendar-of-events 


Thursday, January 27

Starting Strong in Pre-Health 
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm  
West Campus Multi-Purpose Room 

You are halfway into your first year of college. Now that the dust has settled, and you know your way around you need to determine what you need to do to start your pre-health journey. Join Pre-Health Advising along with Student Success Programs for a workshop designed for first-year students planning careers in healthcare. We will talk about what classes you may need, how to structure your time, and what opportunities you need to be on the lookout for while you are at UTC.  Pre-Health Advising and Student Success Programs will distribute and collect reflection cards.

Register here: https://utc.radiusbycampusmgmt.com/ssc/eform/C6880tC7ST8Ex6700lKxF.ssc | More information here: https://www.utc.edu/enrollment-management-and-student-affairs/pre-health-professions-advising/events/periodic-ponderings  


Friday, January 28

Log Rolling 
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm  
UTC ARC – Pool 

Join us twice a month to try Log Rolling!  Our instructors will show you the basics of how to log rolling and how to compete against your friends.  Log Rolling is for anyone of any age.  Come join us and get rolling!


William Savoy will distribute and collect reflection cards. 


After you attend an online event, please fill out an online reflection here


Monday, January 24

Free Workshop: Excel Basics 
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm  

Wow, look at all those boxes. What’s a formula? How do I make a chart? I haven’t used Excel before, but I need to know things! This Excel beginner workshop will guide you to the solutions. You’ll leave here with the knowledge of the features and functionality of each ribbon (if you don’t know what that is, you can learn that here, too)! https://mocsyncorgs.utc.edu/event/7695219 


Tuesday, January 25 

A Program Runs Through It: Observations from an Accidental Career  
3:15 – 4:15 pm  

“A Program Runs Through It: Observations from an Accidental Career” presents to students the various doors (big business, startup participation, startup ownership, academic, and sr. academic administration) opened in your career as influenced by your background in computer science/engineering. Join speaker Dr. Andy Novobilski in this session! Email [email protected] for login information!

Take Five 2022 – Harlem Renaissance Era  
5:55 pm – 7:00 pm  
Zoom (and UC Chattanooga Room)  

This year’s theme for the Take Five series is the Harlem Renaissance, done to commemorate the centennial of the publication of the 1922 Book of American Negro Poetry, the first anthology of Black verse to be published by a major press, which is informally credited with catalyzing the movement. During this first session, there will be an extended introduction to provide larger context for the Harlem Renaissance era. Dr. Verbie Prevost will then guide everyone through several powers by Langston Hughes.

Zoom Link: https://tennessee.zoom.us/j/93975392971 Tamia Spinks will distribute the link to an online reflection. 


Wednesday, January 26

Book Chatt Connection  
10:30 am – 11:30 am  

Good news book lovers! Now you can join your local librarians and fellow readers IN PERSON or VIRTUALLY at 10:30 am twice a month on Wednesdays! What might you find at Book Chatt? You never know where these chats will lead… you might learn something new, meet a new friend, or find your next favorite book series! Drop in for the full hour or just a few minutes; join in or just listen. We might throw in a book challenge or prompt. Either way our no-pressure Book Chatt is a chance to spent time with others in your local or even wider community!

Join zoom link here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89424965289

Learn more: https://chattlibrary.org/event/book-chatt-connection/2022-01-26/ Laura Waldron will distribute the link to an online reflection.   
EndNote Desktop 
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm  

Learn how to use EndNote Desktop citation management software to save time when incorporating citations into papers and presentations. Please note: This software is ideally suited for long-term research projects and will be most relevant for graduate students and faculty. Please complete an online reflection for this event. https://mocsyncorgs.utc.edu/event/7695304 


Thursday, January 27

No virtual events today! 


Friday, January 28

UTC MLK Day 2022  
10:00 am – 1:00 pm  

Join UTC students and faculty for a virtual conversation and Q&A with Cornel West and moderated by Stacy Lightfoot. Cornel West is a prominent and provocative intellectual. West has a passion to communicate to a variety of publics in order to keep alive the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. -- a legacy of telling the truth and bearing witness to love and justice. https://mocsyncorgs.utc.edu/event/7733780 Tamia Spinks will distribute the link to an online reflection.  


MOCs Get Out And Go! A “Choose-Your-Own” Beyond the Classroom Challenge

To participate in MOCS Get Out and Go you may either choose from the 8 activities provided, participate in similar activities of your creation around Chattanooga, or do something with the same spirit in your hometown. As always, please submit a reflection (and also a picture for MOCs Get Out and Go!) for each activity, and visit our website for more information! Students can receive credit toward the semester award for up to 5 Mocs Get Out and Go events a semester. Reflections will be accepted through the end of the semester.

This extension of the Beyond the Classroom Challenge was created in hopes of encouraging students to get out and explore Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Whenever you have a chance, grab your friends or roommates, and pick one of these local adventures to get a feel for the amazing city you live in!

In addition to participating in these events in Chattanooga, you may also receive credit for activities of similar characteristics in your own hometown!

Each event counts just like any other event, two points toward the 20 points/10 event total for the award. In addition to SUBMITTING reflection within a week of the date you get out and go!, please EMAIL [email protected] A PICTURE OF YOU on your “Choose Your Own BTC Adventure.”

We always want to encourage all students to follow safety guidelines. This includes but is not limited to wearing a mask, social distancing when possible, washing hands/using hand sanitizer regularly, traveling with others when possible, and being aware of your surroundings, especially at night.

  1. Learn about Chattanooga’s jazz and blues “Big 9 Legends” 
    Listen to some of the episodes on this podcast about The Big 9 (https://www.wutc.org/topic/stories-big-9) and take a walk to the Big 9 Legends Mural at: 
    763 E. MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37403

  2. Talk a stroll with Chattanooga’s baseball history 
    Located adjacent to Engel Stadium and UTC’s intramural sports complex is a paved walking path with 5 permanent markers detailing Chattanooga’s rich baseball history. The path is accessible via the sports complex’s O’Neal street entrance. 
    For more information: https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/opinion/columns/story/2019/dec/14/thompson-collyer-new-public-markers-highlight/510487/

  3. Walk the Walnut Street Walking Bridge and explore Coolidge Park and Renaissance Park 
    Get outside and see some of the Chattanooga sights! Once you cross the bridge, check out the fountains, statues, and other cool attractions of Coolidge Park. Later, meander the curving pathways down to the river and check out Renaissance Park. Its grassy knolls make it an artistic installment in and of itself. Bring your own cardboard and try out the sledding hill! 
    Bonus: Follow the numbered steps on Frazier Avenue and learn a new dance! 
    For more information: https://tennesseerivervalleygeotourism.org/entries/walnut-street-bridge-chattanooga-tenn/74f80b90-df4b-41d3-88d3-dfe30cf85b66

  4. Check out the Chattanooga Riverwalk 
    Pick a stretch of the Riverwalk to walk or bike. It’s a beautiful feature the city has to offer! Follow the link to find easy Riverwalk access and other sights to see along the way. https://www.visitchattanooga.com/blog/post/a-guide-to-chattanoogas-riverwalk/

  5. Explore Ross’s Landing and learn about the Trail of Tears 
    The Passage at Ross’s Landing marks the beginning of the Trail of Tears. Take some time to read about this history and then go see the permanent outdoor exhibit that recognizes and honors important aspects of Cherokee history and culture. For a map and more information follow this link: https://www.visitchattanooga.com/listing/the-passage/2484/

  6. Step into another world at the Bluff View Art District 
    Explore the many nooks and crannies and see what art displays you can find. Make sure to check out the “River Gallery Sculpture Garden” and art installments outside the Hunter Museum of American Art. This area has a beautiful view of Downtown and the Tennessee River. 
    For more information: https://bluffviewartdistrictchattanooga.com/ Bonus: (this is just for extra fun if you want) Check out some of the lovely shops, restaurants, and cafes. The Hunter Museum offers local college students $15 year-long passes, which is quite the deal if you like art!

  7. Play at Main Terrain Art Park 
    Where climbing art is encouraged. The park has a walking track, trapeze-style rings, and other fitness challenges. It also has a moveable bridge -- spin the wheel and the pieces assemble to create a physical bridge! 
    For more information: https://www.arts.gov/exploring-our-town/main-terrain-art-park

  8. Feel tiny in the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park 
    This 33-acre park showcases 27 world-renowned, large-format sculptures. With a stunning view of Lookout Mountain, this park is a great place to spend time hanging out and checking out the art.

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