ThinkAchieve Experiences

Peer Academic Coaches

Coaches with the Center for Academic Support and Advisement assist students in becoming independent, self-assured learners. Through on-going conversations, Peer Coaches help students develop and implement strategies to achieve academic goals.  Coaches help students achieve success by providing structure, study-skills building, and accountability. For more information, contact [email protected].

Simulated Patient Actor Program

Students will step in role as patients in simulations for graduate nursing students. This opportunity is open to any student who loves to perform and wants to make a positive impact on healthcare providers. Training will be provided to assist with character development based on clinical scenarios. For more information, please contact [email protected].

GIS For Success

Participating students will be responsible for digitizing residential septic waste permits issued by the State of Tennessee and geolocating corresponding spatial data in a GIS database, providing an invaluable service to the community, who will benefit from the increasing availability of digitized and geo-spatially accurate septic waste data. Contact: [email protected].

International Orientation Leader

IOLs help the Center for Global Education carry out all the events and sessions planned during the New International Student Orientation. Learn more about becoming an international orientation leader.


The URaCE Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP)

The URaCE Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) is a ten-week, residential, intensive research and career training experience for students interested in gaining a competitive advantage for graduate school, medical school, and professional careers. 

GEAR UP Tutoring

GEAR UP Tutoring hires UTC students for in-school and after school programs. Information and application materials can be found here.

Business LLC

BUSINESS, LLC Community offers first-year business students an exciting opportunity to live, learn, lead and serve as they prepare to become future business and community leaders.

International Buddy Program

The International Buddy Program pairs a current UTC domestic student (domestic buddy) with two new international students (international buddies). Domestic buddies help their international buddies through the transition into the new culture, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. Similarly, domestic buddies gain not only friendships but also insights into other cultures.

Orientation Leaders

A resource for incoming students and their parents during each of our orientation programs by providing accurate information about academics, services, and opportunities at the University.
Learn more.

CK now! Facilitators

Create future possibilities for children by helping them realize their post-secondary potential. No more generations of first-generation college students! Learn more.

LeaderShape Institute

The LeaderShape Institute is an interactive, energizing, and unique experience that builds leadership skills offered during the summer. Worth 20 points.

Women's Leadership Academy

Women's Leadership Academy is an annual training program on principles of feminist leadership.

Go Global Themed Living Community

Themed Learning Communities provide a unique atmosphere for residents who share common interests and cultivate an environment that supports personal growth through academic and social programming. Your decision to live in one of these exciting communities will make an impact on you for the rest of your life. Learn more about GoGlobal.

Play! Believe! Achieve! National Girls & Women in Sports Day

A program that partners with community groups to bring girls to our campus to pair with UTC students and learn about sports, fitness, nutrition, and self-esteem.


A bystander intervention training designed to educate participants about being proactive in situations where we can help and cultivate a community of care. Learn more.


An in-depth weekend retreat devoted to leadership development through learning and application of values within individuals and organizations at UTC. Learn more.

MOC Lead

UTC's newest leadership program is a semester long cohort program to help individuals develop their leadership skills. Semester 1 is focusing on the individual leader and Semester 2 focuses on the individual leader in a student organization leadership role. Learn more.

Multicultural Mentors and Mentees Program

The Multicultural Center has helped facilitate this very successful pairing of Mentors and Mentees for over 4 years. This is a great opportunity to connect to the Campus, Community and your fellow MOCS.



Mentors are trained as peer mentors for students in the MOSAIC Program. Mentors are students who display leadership and social understanding on the college campus and have an interest in ASD.

Undergraduate Research Conference Presentations

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor serves the entire campus community by communicating and facilitating opportunities for undergraduate research and creativity. Complete this survey to get started.

More on the URaCE office

Student-Athlete: Mocs Reflect

Through the Student-Athlete Academic Enhancement Center’s focused direction, Student Athletes can reflect on a broad variety of the learning they encounter through their experience with athletics.

Please contact Dr. Emily Blackman, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academic Enhancement for more details: [email protected] 423-425-2007.


An energetic group of high achieving freshmen together to live in community and share some of the most unique academic experiences offered to new UTC students. Learn more.


The NEST provides first-time freshmen education majors or minors the opportunity to integrate their academic and social lives through common living spaces, class schedules, and outside activities during their freshman year at UTC. Contact: Vikki Bernotski, [email protected], 423-425-4212

Resident Assistant

This position is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on campus. As a Resident Assistant, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, make a difference in the lives of others, and learn skills that will help you in the future.


First-year students with a major in Engineering or Computer Science a unique opportunity to live and learn together. Common courses will be taken during the fall and spring semester.

Contact: [email protected]423-425-5464

Freshman Senate

Freshman Senate is a body made up of unique and passionate individuals who​ work closely with each other, fellow students, and the UTC administration to create meaningful first year experiences. In the Senate, we learn invaluable leadership skills and gain lasting friendships - all while making a difference. Freshman Senate is a voice for the Freshmen Class, sponsoring exciting programming, meeting new people, and being issue advocates. We interact with the UTC campus community, and the greater Chattanooga community as well.

VMA Veteran Student Ambassadors (Formally Veteran Peer Mentoring Program)

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga VMA Veteran Student Ambassadors focus on four overarching goals: Veteran Peer to Peer Mentorship; orienting and transition support on campus; connecting student veterans to on and off campus organization and ensuring increased usage of resources that can aide and support; and increasing academic success through case management and academic tracking.

Contact Tracers/Public Health Assistants

Contact Tracers/Public Health Assistants are responsible for organizing and responding to cases of COVID-19 in the UTC Community. They document and track students, staff and faculty who have COVID-19 and their close contacts with the goal of stopping the spread. They are given cases of positive tests, then call and verify information for involved students and community members.

Mocs News

Mocs News is the source for news and events from UTC.  Newscasts by students keep students and the community up to date with the latest information in campus news, events, politics and technology. With a staff of undergraduate students, student leadership and faculty adviser, students are welcome to apply to work with Mocs News by helping with the selection of written and visual student pieces, promoting and marketing the publication, creating and maintaining the Web site, maintaining equipment, and serving on Mocs News’s management team. Please contact [email protected] for more information, and check out http://www.mocsnews.com/ 

Sequoya Review

The Sequoya Review is the annual literary journal of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. With a staff of undergraduate students, student editor and faculty adviser,  the Sequoya Review aims to publish immediate, engaging creative writing and visual art by Chattanooga students. Everyone is encouraged to submit and all works will be judged anonymously and impartially under the condition of blind submission. Students are welcome to apply to work with the Sequoya Review. Please contact [email protected] for more information, and check out: https://sequoyareview.com/ 

The Echo

The Echo is the student newspaper of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  It is a student publication that seeks to accurately, ethically and thoroughly report on news, sports, features and opinions in relation to the issues and events specific to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the Chattanooga community in a fair, clear and truthful manner. With a staff of undergraduate students, student editor and faculty adviser, the Echo publishes news stories by UTC students. Students are welcome to apply to work with The Echo. Please contact [email protected] and check out: http://www.theutcecho.com/

Club Sports Leaders

Club Sports Leaders have to take responsibility for interacting with Campus Recreation Leadership and the Club Sports Coordinator to successfully create an atmosphere to facilitate the following outcomes of Club Sports participation: Intrapersonal Development, Interpersonal Competence, Practical Competence. This environment includes thorough communication between Club Sports Staff and their team members as the primary liaison, and also aspects of budgeting, risk management and safety, promotion and marketing (e.g. at required student fairs), logistics with visitors to campus (other teams), tracking and turning in reports of G.P.A., meeting attendance, competitions, performance, and community service. For more information contact [email protected] 

WCC Peer Writing Tutors

Students who work as Peer Writing Tutors in the Writing and Communication Center provide one to one writing tutoring to students across a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, including offering on the spot feedback, explaining writing-related concepts, and helping students make revision plans. For more information, contact [email protected]

Aramark Student Management Development Program

Aramark Student Management Development Program is a one year opportunity for students to grow their understanding of management while working with Aramark.  student managers are  involved in the development, production, and implementation of tactical initiatives aimed at increasing customer retention, improving image, improving margins, and increasing market share for higher education. For more information, contact [email protected] 

The Perch

"UTC's Online Radio Station" offers an environment for students to experience the professional operation of a radio station while still being able to utilize their unique vision and creativity. The Perch presents entertainment through primarily a musical medium. However, students will have the ability to create their own talk and variety shows as well. The music and on-air personalities will widely vary from one show to another. The Perch will reflect the eclectic tastes of all students and faculty at the University by attempting to achieve genre-free programming. https://www.utcperch.com/

INcubating EngineerS for food innovaTion (iNEST)

INcubating EngineerS for food innovaTion (iNEST) A funded program focused on providing undergraduate students with experience in food innovation and preparing them for the food industry built to meet the challenges of increasing demand for food due to growing population, and consumers demanding foods that are ethically and sustainably sourced, nutritious, and healthy. https://www.utc.edu/engineering-and-computer-science/inest-program-incubating-engineers-for-food-innovation


For any majors within the College of Engineering and Computer Science seeking a unique opportunity to live and learn together. A common freshman course will be taken along with ongoing programming to engage members in fun, enriching social and professional development activities within the Chattanooga area. 

Africana Studies Ambassadors

Africana Studies Ambassadors work with the Africana Studies Director and Faculty to provide programs and projects for current and prospective students. For more information please email: [email protected] 

Title IX Student Ambassadors

Title IX Student Ambassadors work with the Title IX Directors to provide programs and engage the UTC Community on behalf of the Title IX office. For more information please email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Urban Vision Initiative Student Consultants

Urban Vision Initiative (UVI) is a program that supports disadvantaged individuals who are developing new businesses in under-served areas of Chattanooga. For more information or to apply: https://www.utc.edu/uvie or email Mike Bradshaw: [email protected].

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