ThinkAchieve: Beyond the Classroom is a platform for experiential learning at UTC.  Our students participate in and reflect on experience-based learning. ThinkAchieve opportunities include some of the most remarkable experiences offered at UTC, in the Chattanooga area and around the world. As students participate and reflect, they gain points towards university awards and recognition, while simultaneously acquiring vital experience for life. There four point-earning categories:

1) Events 
A step by step guide on how to get involved immediately through reflecting on campus and community events

More expansive than one-time events, these are non-academic credit bearing learning endeavors
45 hours or more of a currently undesignated experiential learning opportunity, including reflection with a community supervisor

Designated experiential learning classes in UTC's class schedule, marked with a Beyond the Classroom Attribute code
See photos and videos of events, as well as feedback from students on their learning experiences.