The recognition that the success and/or merit of each program is based not only on what candidates/students have learned, but on what candidates/students are able to do with their new knowledge.  At all stages of development, assessment is based on what candidates/students can do and subsequent instruction is designed to improve those performance areas.


The successful beginning teacher :

  • PLANS appropriate instruction based upon knowledge of the interrelationships among subject matter, pedagogy, curricular goals, and the needs of diverse learners.
  • SELECTS instructional strategies that optimize learning and actively engages students in skill performance, concept acquisition, decision-making, and creative expression.
  • USES assessment and evaluation materials, strategies and data to enhance student learning and to communicate effectively with parents, students, and colleagues.  The beginning teacher also uses assessment and evaluation to reflect on teaching practices and to identify professional growth goals.

CREATES learning environments which:


  • reflect current research and best practices
  • promote physical and emotional safety
  • utilize effective management strategies
  • promotes respect for individual rights and differences
  • exemplify positive, respectful classroom climates