UTC I-O Alumni Network

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In May 2008 we shifted our listing of program alumni to our UTC I-O LinkedIn group. This way your contact info will always be as visible and up-to-date as you want it to be. Using the LinkedIn group also makes it possible for us to remain more directly in contact with program alumni, as long as you keep your profiles updated. To join us, simply make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and send a request to join from the following group url: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/106719/ 


Student Awards & Recognition

Thanks to the generosity of UTC and UTC I-O program alumni, we are able to recognize truly outstanding students each year with. Here we list recent winners of three of our prestigious awards.


Earl and Judy Brown scholarship for excellence in I-O psychology

2020: Brittany Branda and Piotr Broda

2019: Celeste Bremmer and Alex Britt

2018: Tracey Woodbury and Princeanna Price

2017: Sofia Rodriguez and Jessi Wheeler

2016: Caitlin Carney and Christopher Morgan

2015: Craig Holton and Nikki Wild


The Dan Mack/Chattanooga SHRM Award

2020: Camille Wheatley and Cory Helfer 

2019: Kylan Van Gunst

2018: Christian Stone (with professional development grants to Travis Gable and Courtney Cramer)

2017: Meredyth Ring


The UTC Graduate School's Outstanding Graduate Student

2020: Emily Nixon

2019: Jason Weber

2018: Drake Terry

2017: Lisa Brady

2016: Katherine Kearns

2015: Hannah Wike