Profile photo of Drew Bailey, Ph.D.
Drew Bailey, Ph.D.
UC Foundation Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  (423) 425-5129
  108 Metro Building

Drew Bailey has worked in the field of adventure/environmental education for over 20 years, with more than a dozen organizations. He’s excited to now live in one of the best outdoor towns in the country and truly believes that the natural resources surrounding the Chattanooga area can and should benefit everyone. Drew has conducted research into the economic impacts of outdoor-based tourism to Chattanooga (e.g. Ironman), priorities for park and green-space development in the county, and the physical and psycho-social benefits associated with time spent outdoors. He views the poor state of physical and mental health in the region as one of the most pressing issues. A perfect storm of sedentary lifestyles, systemic barriers (e.g. car-dependent culture, lack of physical education in schools), and unequal access to resources have contributed to rampant chronic illness. It is perplexing that “America’s best outdoor town” (Outside Magazine, 2015) should also be one of the least healthy. To remedy this, Dr. Bailey would like to explore the idea of equal access to outdoor activities, increasing diversity in outdoor environments, and lay the foundation for replacing prescription medications with outdoor prescriptions