Courtney Crittenden works primarily in the area of gender and criminal justice in which she has published/presented on the topics of intimate partner violence, patriarchy in communities, attitudes toward sexual harassment, and programming for men and women in prisons across the U.S. As of today, the issues that concern her the most include victimization on college campuses, attitudes toward consensual sexual relationships between faculty and students, and how intersections of race and gender affect criminal justice studies and treatment within prisons. In Crittenden’s words, “if I was to isolate what I thought was the single most pressing criminal justice issue facing the region and universities, I would say it would be how we respond to victimization across our campuses, particularly intimate and sexual victimizations. Another major pressing issue for our nation is how to best utilize prison resources to respond properly to the needs of inmates within them, considering most inmates will be released back into the general population."