Graduate School Forms 

Forms for thesis/dissertation, programs, certificates and graduation

Thesis/Dissertation Committee Appointment Form

Indicates the individuals that will serve on a student’s degree advisory committee. Check with your graduate program coordinator to determine if this form is required. Required of all students doing a thesis or dissertation project. Submit by the end of the first semester of attendance (if applicable to the degree)

Theses and Dissertation Standards, PowerPoint Workshop.

Program of Study Form

Instructions to Complete POS and Graduation Application

Documents the courses the student is required to take for completion of the degree. Instructions for completing the Program of Study can be found here. Submit by the end of the first semester for all programs except the PhD and EdD (end of second semester).

An additional page for continuing the listing of courses required as part of a program of study or candidacy form.

Used to perform audits for graduation. Any changes in the Program of Study coursework are documented on this form. Candidates for certificates also use this form to document their coursework.  Submit the semester prior to anticipated graduation. Please review the graduation participation guidelines.

An additional page for continuing the listing of courses required as part of a program of study or candidacy form.

Graduate Degree Examination Results

Used to record the results of comprehensive, preliminary and final defense examinations.  Submit within 7 days after the exam is given.

Student Verification Form

 This form must be submitted along with the Graduate Degree Examination form and the thesis or dissertation before format review will occur.

Forms for grades, petitions and individual studies contracts

Individual Studies Contract

Records Office form to be completed for individual studies courses.  Submit when registering for the course.  This form must be submitted when registering for any individualized course.

Grade Appeal

Submitted by a student if the student has reason to challenge an awarded grade. The process is described in the Graduate Catalog.  Within 5 days of final grade posting

Backdated Withdrawal

To request withdrawal from a course after the official withdrawal date. Backdated withdrawals are only considered for one year from the date of filing the request for a backdated withdrawal.  Submit during the semester in which the withdrawal is being requested.

Graduate Student Petition

Routinely used to request extensions for submitting required forms or other petitionable issues, e.g., readmission.

Forms for assistantships, residency appeals and tuition differential

Application for Graduate Assistantship

Required of any student applying for a graduate assistantship. The student should submit the application to the department where the assistantship resides.  Submit by April 2 - Submit to Department where assistantship resides.

Opportunity Assistantship Application

Degree-seeking first generation graduate students enrolling for the first time in graduate school are eligible to apply for the opportunity assistantships. Recipients will work with their assigned mentor twenty hours per week for a full-time assistantship.  Priority Deadline for the next academic year: February 15 Submit to

Equal Opportunity Form

To be completed and submitted with Opportunity Assistantship Application.

Tennessee Residency Appeal

Students who wish to appeal their residence classification.

Graduate students classified as non-residents may appeal this classification by submitting a petition and supporting evidence to the Graduate Admissions Office on or before the last day to register for class for each respective semester. These deadlines also apply to students seeking to pay in-state fees due to their full-time employment in the State of Tennessee or receive the Regional Tuition discount. Decisions on appeals made before the deadline will be effective for that semester. Petitions received after the deadline, if granted, will be effective the following semester.

Regional Tuition Differential

Used by students to apply for the regional tuition differential rate. A student must reside in Catoosa, Dade, Fannin, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield counties in Georgia and Jackson county in Alabama to be eligible. This form must be submitted for every semester of enrollment in order to maintain regional tuition differential rate.

Miscellaneous forms:

Stop Out Request

If, through unusual circumstances, the student cannot work continuously on the thesis or dissertation, the student may request in writing a one-time stop-out.  Request must be made no later than the end of the enrollment period of the semester preceding when the stop out will be initiated.

Senior Request to Register for Graduate Credit

Used by senior students within 30 semester hours of completing the baccalaureate degree to request to take graduate courses.

Please also include a signed registration form with your request.

Request for Transcript

To be used (if chosen) by applicants to the UTC Graduate School as a way to request another school provide a transcript to UTC.

Research Involving Human Subjects

The required form is located on the UTC Institutional Review Board webpage. No research involving human subjects can be initiated before the research has been reviewed and approved.

TOEFL - IELTS Exemption 

International applicants who wish to apply for an exemption to submitting proof of English language proficiency should submit this form.

GA Nine Hour Waiver

This form is intended to be used by programs to request an exemption from requiring graduate
assistants to enroll in 9 credit hours each semester. N.B. Graduate assistants enrolled in the last
semester of their program are required only to enroll in the credit hours needed to complete their program of study.