Research and Laboratories

Dr. McDonald in the Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryFluid Mechanics Laboratory (EMCS 105 & 106)

This laboratory supports the ENGR 3070L, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory.  This space contains a three Transition Flow TQH215, AC duct heat pipe, Armfield Water Tunnel, a LabVIEW Closed Flow Loop, a Reynolds Number and Transitional Flow Demonstration Apparatus and a supersonic tunnel.

Engineering Shop (EMCS 111 & 111A)

The shop supports all projects, design courses, and research within the College of Engineering.  This space contains all the major pieces of equipment that is shared among all the disciplines.  The shop contains a Trump CNC mill, a Colchester manual lathe, a Clausing milling machine, a sheet metal shear and bender, two drill presses, a Kiln, a table saw, a Haas CNC mill and CNC lathe, and a ShopBot CNC cutter as well as many power tools, hand tools, and benches.

Baja and Automotive Projects (EMCS 114 & 114A)

This lab supports the UTC Mini Baja Team and automotive projects.  This lab contains a Grizzly Mill and Lathe, two Fisher Hamilton fume hoods, and two welders.  There is also a variety of other minor equipment in this lab.

Control Systems Laboratory (EMCS 119)

This laboratory supports ENGR 3280L, Control Systems Laboratory.  This laboratory contains AC Controls equipment, LabVIEW software, and a dead weight tester.

Senior Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (EMCS 123 & 124)

This lab supports the ENME 4470 Course, Mechanical Engineering Experimentation.  Major equipment includes the Onan Engine, Saturn Engine and Megatech Dyno, Beckham Emissions, Didatech Vib, Refrigeration loop, AeroLab Tunnel, TQ Journal Bearing, and a Hilton Turbine Heat Loop.

Interdisciplinary Design (EMCS 131)

This laboratory supports Interdisciplinary Design Project II (ENGR 4850).  This lab has no major equipment, but does contain minor equipment and computers to support the build phase of the Interdisciplinary Project.

Freshman Engineering Laboratory (EMCS 424)

This laboratory supports ENGR 1030L, Freshman Engineering Laboratory.  This laboratory contains computers, data acquisition modules, photo gate sensors, rotary motion sensors, motion detector sensors, dynamics track and carts, force sensors, and projectile motion launchers.