Dr. Mohammad Mahtabi is an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  He received his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University (2017), MSc from Iran University of Science and Technology (2008), and BSc from University of Tehran (2005). He worked as a structural engineer for about seven years in the industry.  Dr. Mahtabi teaches courses related to solid mechanics and design. His primary areas of research include additive manufacturing, mechanical behavior of materials, structural analysis and design, fatigue and fracture mechanics, and shape memory alloys (SMAs). His research works include theoretical, experimental, and computational aspects of the mechanics of materials.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Mahtabi’s areas of interest include mechanical behavior of materials and structural analysis and design. For more information, please see Dr. Mahtabi’s research webpage.

Curriculum Vitae

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