East Asia Middle School World History and Geography Teaching Modules

Rebecca Byrd, 7th grade, New Center Elementary School, Sevierville, TN

Religion and Aesthetics in Japan

Chinese Influences on Japan

Jane Hill, Ooltewah Middle School, Ooltewah, Tennessee

The Song Dynasty: Technology, Commerce, and Prosperity

The Legacy of Zheng He and the Ming Dynasty Sea Voyages

Trish King, Girls Preparatory School, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Confucius: His Life, Times, and Legacy

How Might We Compare and Contrast Three Early Civilizations?

Aaron Pickering, Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Post-War Development of the Two Koreas

Identity and the Rise of Nationalism in Prewar Japan

Michael Robinson, Houston High School, Germantown, Tennessee

The Economic and Cultural Emergence of South Korea

Where Have All the Children Gone? The Consequences of Low Fertility Rates in South Korea, Singapore, and Japan

Brian Smith, Jefferson Middle School, Oak Ridge City Schools, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Marco Polo’s World

Kamakura: The Home of the Samurai

Maranda Wilkinson, Franklin County School District, Franklin County, Tennessee

China (Ninth through Seventeenth Centuries): Commerce, Technology, and Intercultural Contacts

East Asia: Twenty-first Century Educational Practices and STEM Education