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What is the iDEAs certificate series?


Self-Paced Modules: Open to UTC regular faculty, lecturers, and current adjuncts, iDEAs is a modular certificate series of 8 modules on innovative teaching that can be done in full or in part, in any order, and at your own pace. The modules cover more than 70 subtopics!

Features: iDEAs features presentations by seasoned UTC faculty members, stand-alone modules on innovative teaching practices, and resource links for your course design and development.

UTC Informed: The iDEAs certificate series is based on resources developed for WCTL’s Teaching and Learning Institute and the Faculty Fellows in Course Development Program.

What does iDEAs mean?



Instructor Inspired

innovate Design Educate Activate stimulate

Student Focused

inquire Discover Explore Analyze succeed

Global Outlook

inclusive Diverse Experiential Aware socially-conscious

Is this series practical?

As you proceed through a course module, you will not only discover new innovative teaching practices, but you will also develop materials you can use right away in your courses. Each module takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete. Completion involves reviewing the module’s topic pages, developing new course activities in Canvas, posting a brief video describing your innovation work, and completing a Content Mastery Reflection Statement. You will then receive comments and feedback from the facilitators who will confirm the successful completion of the module.

Are certifications available?

Area Specialist: To receive your Area Specialist badge for a module, you must work through all of the module’s content, upload a video post in a discussion board that presents an overview of the materials you develop in light of the module, complete a Content Mastery Reflection Statement, and then wait for a facilitator to approve the post. Once the module work is complete, you will receive an iDEAs Area Specialist badge. When you earn a badge you will receive an email from Badgr.

Master Teacher: If you have successfully completed all 8 modules, you can then revise and submit your statement of teaching philosophy to receive the iDEAs Master Teacher certificate.

How Can I Highlight my New Credentials

Share Your Accomplishments: You can easily download or share your Area Specialist badges and Master Teacher certificate on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you have completed a module, click on 'Badges' in the course menu, click on the badge, and then choose how you would like to share it.

List Professional Activities: You can also add your badges and certificate to your list of professional development for review, tenure, and promotion. To do this, login into Digital Measures and create a new entry for each Area Specialist badge under 'Professional Development Activities'. For the Master Teacher certificate, add a new entry under 'Licensures and Certifications'. To obtain a link to your badges to add to Digital Measures, go to the email sent by Badgr when you receive the badge and click on the image of the badge. You can then copy and paste the URL from that page into the description text boxes in Digital Measures.

How Do I Register?

After you register (form link below), you will have access to the 8 modules. A staff member from the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning will contact you to schedule a brief orientation and serve as support as you proceed through your chosen module(s).

Register: iDEAs Certificate Series Registration Form

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