Managed Forms

To create web forms on, please study OU Campus Form Asset documentation.

One major time-saver: Create and save the form without detailed labels. Make the first pass of labels as simple as possible; they will become the names of the resulting data fields, so simpler is better. E.g. instead of labeling Please enter your email address, first label that field email. SAVE, then go back and create detailed labels. This will make it much easier to create the Email Messages and to understand the collected data.

Here are a few “secret” tips that are specific to UTC's stylesheet and customizations. 

form_classes=form-horizontal;reset_btn_classes=btn btn-mini;submit_btn_classes=btn btn-primary;captcha=true;required=true;

Add these to the first form element’s Advanced field.

  • form-horizontal; makes the layout of the form work better in wide columns, as below
  • reset and submit button classes change the size and color of the buttons
  • captcha=true; adds a ReCAPTCHA anti-spam test (you can use this if your form starts getting spammed)
  • required=true; uses our stylesheet’s required classes (red form field highlight) & adds only a red asterisk on the text; this is only needed on field types that do not include a Required check box (e.g. radio button fields)

Horizontal Example Form

To view the settings for this form, go to Content > Assets, then check out Form - Web Services Example Horizontal Form

(enter your own email to receive the form submission as an email message)

Text Fields with Required and/or Validation
Non-Validated Form Elements with "required" styling
Validate and Submit
This is a legend; it is text-only, useful for instructions to the user.