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Your needs vary year-to-year and are different from your peers. Whether using your computer or your smart device, the new MyMocsNet provides you the right connections at the right time.


Make MyMocsNet your own by customizing your personal dashboard, building your profile and favoriting helpful tools, groups, and pages. Add, move and remove widgets that matter to you.

 Academic Success

Academic widgets in your personal dashboard will help you stay on track and see your academic progress and success at a glance. Access Banner, Canvas and Email quickly from your Dashboard.

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MyMocsNet for Students

When you join UTC, you become a Moc for life. The new MyMocsNet is a unified place for all the meaningful resources you'll need to insure academic success. You’ll be able to track every step of your academic progress, from tuition to grades.


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MyMocsNet for Faculty and Staff

As part of the Mocs family, you understand some of the benefits that come from the UTC community. The new MyMocsNet portal helps bring that community to one, unified platform to enhance connections and communication, whether with staff, faculty, and even students. The new portal optimizes resources and services to fit your interests and staff needs.

Level One: Access Your Account

Log in to mymocs.utc.edu with your UTCID and password.

Level Two: Set Up Your Profile

Update your profile image and about me information.

Level Three : Configure Settings

Go to your account settings and customize your account to your preferences.

Level Four : Make MyMocsNet Yours

Check out the many new features within MyMocsNet.

Download instructions here


We know you're excited — so are we! Please visit ithelp.utc.edu to provide feedback or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the new and improved MyMocsNet. You can also give us a call or email using the information below:

IT Client Services
[email protected]

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Level Up Your MyMocsNet Mobile App

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MyMocsNet Level 1 Setting Up Your Account

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MyMocsNet Level 2 Activity and Notifications

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MyMocsNet Level 3 Account Settings

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MyMocsNet Level 4 Shortcuts

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MyMocsNet Level 5 Tools

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MyMocsNet Level 6 Pages

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Level up Your MyMocsNet Introduction

Information Technology

Information Technology