General COVID-19 Information

The wellbeing of UTC students is the Center for Global Education’s top priority. As UTC prepares for the coronavirus’s potential spread, we are continuing our constant work of ensuring the safety and security of students, scholars, faculty, and staff at home and abroad. 

Please review updates and policies related specifically to international education here

Please see campus-wide updates and policies here

Current students 

As of March 16, all Summer 2020 Study Abroad Programs are cancelled and Fall 2020 Study Abroad Programs are continuing as normal. 

From March 16 to March 31 we will not be meeting with students. We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation with this as we work to support our spring students and ascertain our plans moving forward. 

Starting April 1 you can make an advising appointment in Navigate (using the instructions under the "Announcements" section). We will conduct these sessions remotely and contact students individually with instructions. 

We know this is an uncertain and stressful time for everyone and understand that you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. At this time, we are asking that instead of emailing us you fill out this form with questions and concerns. We will be sending out and posting here FAQs that will be updated weekly. 


General Questions

Study abroad advising appointments will resume on April 1, 2020. You can schedule an appointment via SSC Campus/Navigate (information on how to schedule an appointment can be found on our website,, under the "Announcements" section).  

After you have scheduled an appointment be on the lookout for an email from a study abroad advisor. The study abroad advisor will schedule a Zoom meeting for your appointment and send you the invite. We look forward to meeting with you, remotely, to discuss how we can make study abroad a reality for you! 

At this time, the Study Abroad Staff is working from home. The best way to get in touch with us is via email or my scheduling an advising appointment (see above). 

Spring 2020 Study Abroad Students 

First – we are so sorry that your SP 2020 study abroad program has been impacted and that you've had what we can only say is a very unique study abroad experience. 

We are, however, here to assist you with ANY future study abroad needs! We'd love to try to make another study abroad opportunity available to you. The Office of Study Abroad will be working to set up drop-in Zoom meetings for all returned Spring 2020 study abroad students. This is a chance for you to drop by and talk about ANYTHING study abroad related.  

If you cannot make one of the Zoom drop-in times, feel free to schedule an advising appointment with us via SSC Campus/Navigate (information on how to schedule an appointment can be found on our website,, under the "Announcements" section). 

You can also apply for another CGE study abroad scholarship! 

We've created a survey in which students can report any non-refundable fees they may have incurred as a result of study abroad program cancellations. You will need to upload proof of fees. 

Please make sure to check with your provider first to see what refunds/reimbursements are available for you. You will need to upload proof of contact with provider or provider’s policy.  

Students who have had their programs cancelled and had to return to the US should work with their program provider to determine what, if any, refunds will be available. We ask that you please be patient as many of these providers are working with thousands of student program cancellations. Please know that they are working on announcements and you should hear something soon (if you haven't already). 

For students participating in a UTC exchange program for Spring 2020, CGE will work to have your UTC Spring tuition charges removed. Please work with your host university regarding any other refund options (for items such as meal plans, housing, etc). 

The CGE has communicated student status with the Office of Financial Aid. If you have elected to remain enrolled in your current courses and will maintain full-time status (equivalent of 12 UTC credits), you should not see any impact on your UTC aid. 

If you elect to withdraw from some, or all, of your Spring 2020 courses, you should anticipate that there may be an impact on your UTC aid. 

UTC Office of Financial Aid will be working with impacted students.  

Please arrange an appointment with Kelly Griffin ( to discuss any concerns you may have. 

Yes, if you are remaining enrolled in the classes you had originally planned on taking abroad then your courses will come back and count for credit as they would have if you took them abroad.  

If you have switched classes from what you had ORIGINALLY gotten pre-approved, then you'll need to complete a new course pre-approval form for the new course(s). 

Summer 2020 Study Abroad

We will be happy to help you defer your program. If you have not done so already, please fill out this survey letting us know that you wish to defer and what term you are deferring to.  

You can defer to the same program for another term or change your program completely.  

If you choose to study with the same provider, your application materials (including application fees and deposits) will be deferred to your chosen term.  

If you choose to change providers, you will need to withdraw your application from the original provider and apply to the new provider.  

You will NOT need to re-do your UTC TerraDotta application.  

If you choose to withdraw from your program, you will need to contact your provider to withdraw your application. Refunds of fees are determined by the provider.  

You will also need to fill out this survey to let us know that you have chosen to withdraw. We will withdraw your UTC TerraDotta application.  

While UTC has cancelled all summer study abroad, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot elect to independently participate in a program.  

If you choose to independently participate, you cannot utilize any UTC financial aid or scholarships. You can still apply for provider and, potentially some, national scholarships. 

Additionally, your transcript will have to be sent directly to the  UTC Admissions Office and it will be up to them to evaluate the transcript and determine how the coursework should apply (if it doesn't apply as you would need it to you'd likely have to petition to have the course apply as you needed it). They will essentially be evaluating the transcript as if it came from another university, as transfer credit.  

We advise that you check with your provider to see what type of transcript you will receive - will it be issued by the host university abroad or by a US institution?  This could have an impact on how the Admissions Office will process the transcript when it is received. If the transcript is going to come from an university abroad, check with Admissions to see how they will process it.  

Fall 2020 Study Abroad

At this point Fall 2020 study abroad programs are continuing as planned.  

We are asking that students who are considering studying in Europe and China to have a backup program in another location.  

All Fall 2020 programs are continuing as planned. No programs have been cancelled. 

We are asking that students who are considering studying in Europe and China to have a backup program in another location. 

UTC and your provider will work with you on a case-by-case basis in order to refund fees that you might have already paid.  

We are advising all Fall 2020 students to register for UTC courses for the fall semester in case programs are cancelled. We will let students know when they can safely register for the study abroad courses and drop the UTC courses.  

We are advising all Fall 2020 students to register for UTC courses for the fall semester in case programs are cancelled. We will let students know when they can safely register for the study abroad courses and drop the UTC courses. Students will be responsible for fully withdrawing from the courses before the semester starts.    
 UTC is committed to student’s health and safety and we will cancel any programs or travel to any country that we do not think is safe for students to travel to. There might be certain regions of the world that are still disrupted by the effects (and after-effects) of COVID-19. We will work in conjunction with our provider partners, the State Department, UTC’s Safety and Risk Management Team, and others to ensure that all the locations our students are studying in are safe and will provide an excellent experience 

Mocs Abroad

Mocs are studying all over the world.

From Kenya to Sweden. From Thailand to Peru. The world is your classroom.

Whether you join a UTC faculty-led program or venture out on your own, we have the resources you need to succeed.

From securing scholarships and insurance, to studying up on new cultures that await, we’re here to help.

Hear what students have to say about their time abroad with our student-written blog, documenting their experiences from continent to continent.




 Check out the online version of our All Things Study Abroad brochureYou can quickly find information about programs, how to apply, and other important information.

Need to schedule a study abroad advising appointment? Please schedule all appointments through Navigate (click below for instructions).

1. Log-in to MyMocsNet

2. Click on the "Academics" tab

3. Click on the "Navigate (Navigate)" link under "Academic Quicklinks" 

4. Once in Navigate, click on the "Get Assistance" button.

5. Select "Advising" from the drop down menu.

6. In the "Service Category" select "Academic Advising Appointment"

7. Choose "Study Abroad/National Exchange" in the "Service for your Appointment" section.

8. Select "Center for Global Education" from the drop-down menu.

9. Select Advisor - Jamie Booth or Laura Livermore.

10. Select the best day/time for your appointment. Please make sure to state your reason for scheduling an appointment in the "Comments" section!

11. Confirm your appointment

Beginning with April 1, 2020 Appointments: 

After you have booked your appointment keep an eye on your email! A study abroad advisor will send you a Zoom meeting invite for the day/time you have scheduled.

Studying abroad Summer or Fall 2020? Receive the Federal Pell Grant? Don't forget to apply for the Gilman Scholarship! Applications open mid-January 2020 and the deadline is March 3, 2020.

Center for Global Education Study Abroad Scholarship Deadlines:

  • Summer: April 1

  • Fall/Academic Year: May 1

  • Spring: November 1

Check out our Featured Program Scholarships for Fall 2020!

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Why study abroad?

It’s hard to name all of the ways a study abroad experience impacts your life personally and professionally. Expand your world-wide view, pick up a language or two and enhance your learning experience.

Whether you choose a UTC faculty-led program or seek out an overseas program on your own, UTC has partnerships and resources worldwide so you can find the opportunity that’s just right for you.

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Information sessions

Whether you’re interested in a summer, semester or year-long study abroad experience, all UTC students are required to attend Study Abroad 101 and 102 information sessions offered by the Study Abroad Office.

We also offer sessions covering a range of topics including financial aid, scholarships, academics, culture shock, health, safety and more.

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Parent Resources

We strongly encourage parents to be involved in the study abroad process with your student from day one.

Confidently support your student with a trove of resources and knowledge in your back pocket.

Learn more: 

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Faculty and Staff Resources

Guidelines and information to help you lead a trip abroad.

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Returned Students

We’re still here for you. We have plenty of opportunities for you to stay connected and we can help you with requesting transcripts and grades, adjusting to life back at UTC and more.

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Travel Resources

Study up on UTC policies. Find cheap flights. And access information on securing a passport or visa for traveling abroad.

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Health and Safety

Any UTC student studying abroad must be covered by a comprehensive medical health insurance. Here’s how to secure coverage while you’re in another country.

Get tips on how to stay safe while traveling and see how we can help.

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