UTC School of Professional Studies

Criminal History Background Check Student Procedures

Step 1: Schedule a Fingerprinting Appointment

  1. Visit the IdentoGO website (www.identogo.com) to register and schedule a fingerprinting appointment.
    • Search for the nearest IdentoGO location and follow the online instructions to schedule a new appointment for digital fingerprinting
      • Register using your legal name
      • For the Agency Name, select Non-DCS Child Care/Adoption Providers
      • For the Applicant Type, select Child-Related Worker (Private)
      • For the ORI Number, enter: TNCC33083
    • Complete the Applicant Employer Information as follows: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 615 McCallie Avenue, Dept. 2242, Chattanooga, TN 37403
  2. Complete the online payment process. You are required to pay for your own fingerprinting.
  3. On the day of your fingerprinting appointment, arrive at the designated time and location with a valid photo ID.
  4. After you have been fingerprinted, you will receive a receipt which includes a 12-digit Transaction Number. Do not lose this Transaction Number. This is your proof of fingerprinting. You will need to reference the Transaction Number in order to proceed to Step 2.


Step 2: Digitally Sign and Submit the VECHS Waiver Agreement 

*Please carefully follow each of the steps below to avoid delaying the process*

  1. You will need access to a PC or Mac computer with Adobe Reader installed. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed, you may download a free copy here.
  2. Select the following link from a PC or Mac computer:
  3. Download the VECHS Waiver Agreement form and save the file to your local computer.
  4. Open the VECHS Waiver Agreement form using Adobe Reader. (On a PC this is accomplished by right-clicking the file and selecting “Open with… Adobe Reader.” Please note that your computer or browser may default to a program other than Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs.)
  5. Complete all required fields (indicated in red) on the VECHS Waiver Agreement.
    • Enter your legal name
    • Enter the 12-digit Transaction Number from your fingerprinting receipt.
  6. On page 2, click on the digital signature field (indicated with a red flag/arrow) to apply your digital signature to the VECHS Waiver Agreement. If you do not see the red flag/error, please make sure you opened the file with Adobe Reader. If you need further assistance with the digital signature process, please contact your Program/Field Director.
  7. Once your digital signature is in place, save the digitally signed form to your local computer. Please include your last name and UTC ID at the beginning of the file name (Example: Smith ABC123 VECHS Waiver Form).
  8. Complete all required form fields and SAVE.
  9. Select the SUBMIT button on page 2 of the form.
  10. When prompted, “How would you like to send this email”?
    • Select Use Webmail
    • Select Add Gmail… from the drop down menu
    • Enter your Mocsmail address (ABC123@mocs.utc.edu) and select OK
    • Select Continue
    • [If prompted, select Allow]
    • [If prompted to choose an account, select your Mocsmail account]
    • Login using your UTCID and password & proceed to step #11 below
  1. *IMPORTANT*: Go to your Drafts folder, click on the Draft email (Example: Form Returned: Smith ABC123 VECHS Waiver Agreement Form), and select Send.
  2. Go to your Sent folder to confirm that the completed form has successfully sent. You should also receive a confirmation email from “UTC, SharePoint Uploads” within 20 minutes.
  3. The Program/Field Director will submit your waiver agreement form to the TBI and will review your background check results in the online database.
  • If the background check shows no indications, you will be cleared for registration or field placement at the appropriate time.
  • If the background check results show any indications, you will be required to meet with the Program/Field Director to review and discuss the report. The Program/Field Director will contact you via UTC email to schedule a meeting. Further action may be required depending on the severity of the incident(s) indicated.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the background check process, please contact the Program/Field Director or the SPS Office at utcsps@utc.edu.