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Ron Baker
Client Solutions, Information Technology
B.S., Northern Kentucky University
  (423) 425-2208
  (423) 425-2200
  317 Doctor's Building
  M-F 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Job Responsibilities

Ron manages the Client Solutions department which consists of a solution administration group that handles device management, collaboration and productivity solutions for the campus and the Support Consultants team run by Marcus to handle computing devices in offices and labs and which helps optimize use of information technology by faculty and staff.

To request services, contact the IT Solution Center.

Ron hails from our neighbor to the north, the Bluegrass State.  He graduated from UK with a BA in Geography and continued his education at Northern Kentucky University completing BS in Computer Science.  He eventually returned to UK to work at the College of Public Health as Director of IT.  His IT interests lie mainly in IT process improvement and business integration via the development of best practice based IT structures.

A short Q/A with Ron:

What is your favorite way to spend a typical Saturday morning?
Enjoying a really good cup of coffee on the back porch with my wife (summer time only :) ).
How about in the winter?
The pursuit of the perfect homemade pizza dough!
What is your favorite type of pizza dough (New York Style, Cracker Crust, Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian, etc.)?
Yes.  But I lean toward New York Style…
So, you like to cook?
Well, yesish but baking is what I typically do though I dabble on occasion with real cooking.  I defer to my wife most days who has mad cooking skills!  I am trying to hone my mad dish washing skills but it’s a work in progress :).
When you are not baking, cooking, or sometimes doing the dishes, if you had one other thing you would choose to do with your free time, what would it be?
I will give you a top three: Watching movies with my wife, playing with my dog, and playing/writing music.