Job Responsibilities

The Lead Identity Solutions Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, customizing, and implementing Identity Management solutions, at an enterprise level, using an Identity Manager suite of products. The position is responsible for developing enterprise level integrated solutions for legacy and modernized systems within the University infrastructure. This position will meet with various clients throughout the University to identify the identity management needs of its functional areas. This position will provide architecture, design and implementation expertise of Identity Management products on an enterprise scale. Tasks include building resource adapters, integrating role-based access control, single sign-on, end-user provisioning, and synchronization services with the existing applications and systems. This position is responsible for troubleshooting identity provisioning/de-provisioning issues.

Morgan started with us as a student worker at the help desk and then in the Enterprise Applications, where she was later hired for full time. She has managed email and spam blocking services, among other services, in the time she has worked here. Now as a key expert for Identity and Access Management solutions. 

5 Questions

Cats or Dogs? Both. Complete and total animal lover (mammals being the best). Have a pug and a norwegian forest cat. The pug was chosen and the cat thrust upon me by family (not that I mind. My cat thinks it's a dog anyway...hates other cats and plays with the dogs. I remember bringing home a concrete doorstop in the shape of a cat with blue marbles for eyes. The first time my cat came around the corner and saw it, she hissed, swatted it in the face with her paw a few times and then ran away.)

Name a hobby that you would turn into a career if it were possible? Playing with tiger/lion/big cat cubs all day

Where is the farthest place you have traveled? The United Kingdom.  Went there in there in 1998 and marched in the New Year's Day Parade.  I played clarinet with a group called Youth Music Allstars.  We had a group of five...let's call them strange people in the parade in front of us in the parade.  One was in his underwear and had died his hair and body all green.  One was wearing a loin cloth and sporting a 3ft tall Mohawk (impressive).  Another was a fire spitter.  I can't quite remember what the others were doing but I'll go with wearing Medieval garb.  Woohoo Europe!

Which Price is Right game do you think you'd own if you were a contestant? I'd own Plinko as far as having lots of discs to drop on the board.  Where they bounce no one knows.  Come on $10,000 slot!

What four people, living, dead, or undead, would you invite to your dinner party? Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Samuel Clemens, and George Carlin