Workers' Compensation

As an employee of The University of Tennessee, if you have an accidental injury while working at your job, or develop an occupational illness because of your job, you may be covered by the Workers' Compensation Program for the State of Tennessee.


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  1. If a person is seriously ill or injured and needs immediate attention you should dial 9-1-1 or extension 4357 (HELP).  Once appropriate assistance is on the way you should immediately contact the Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator, Jecobi Swafford, Benefits Specialist, at 425-4452 or Human Resources at 425-4221.
  2. All work-related personal injuries or illnesses must be reported immediately to your supervisor. In the event of an emergency the injured employee should be taken to the nearest hospital emergency room. If the situation is NOT an emergency, the incident must be reported by phone to CorVel's 24-hour Nurse Line at 1-866-245-8588, option # 1, and the Nurse Line staff will help with assessment of the injury and directions to an authorized workers' comp doctor. 
  3. You and your supervisor must report the incident/accident/injury to CorVel within 7 calendar days to avoid a financial penalty assessed by the State to your department. After reporting to CorVel, phone Jecobi Swafford, RTW Coordinator, at 425-4452 or Human Resources at 425-4221.
  4. Complete step # 2 of the Worker's Compensation Procedure form and return to Jecobi Swafford, RTW Coordinator.
  5. Complete the Lost Time/Return to Work Calendar and return to Jecobi Swafford, RTW Coordinator.
  6. The Injury Report should be completed by the injured worker and signed by the injured worker's direct supervisor. An employee unable to return immediately to regular, full duty will collaborate with the RTW Coordinator to complete the Transitional Duty Program form.
  7. If you are off work for over a week, it is the employee's responsibility to keep your supervisor and Human Resources informed of your return to work status. Upon your return to work, inform Jecobi Swafford, RTW Coordinator, as soon as possible. Read UT Human Resources Policy 397: Workers' Compensation.
  8. You must stay in the CorVel network of providers. If an unauthorized provider is used, the employee will be responsible for payment of bills. Phone CorVel at 1-866-245-8588 for any referrals to other providers, treatments, or durable equipment.
  9. Prescriptions may be filled at any CVS or Walgreens by identifying it as a Workers' Compensation claim. Other pharmacies included in the network may be found by phoning Cypress Care at 1-800-419-7191. Take this form with you when filling a prescription.
  10. If you need treatment at a later date, phone Jecobi Swafford, RTW Coordinator, or Human Resources before seeking medical treatment.

updated July 23, 2018

Insurance Guidelines for leave without pay due to Workers' Compensation

If an employee is placed on leave of absence without pay as a result of an on-the-job injury, the University will provide the monthly premium for the employee's health insurance coverage. The University will continue to provide the monthly premium for health coverage as long as the employee is receiving a temporary lost disability payment from the State of TN Workers Compensation Administrator. However, it is the employee's responsibility to provide the premium payment for all optional coverage (dental, life, disability). The University will NOT send a billing for the premiums and it is the employee's responsibility to provide the premium payment by the 10th of each calendar month.

updated November 29, 2017