Strategy 2030 Subcommittees

UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
Bryant Fairley Access and Engagement Director of Engagement
Cecelia Wigal CECS Professor
Emma Sampson CHEPS - HHP Program Manager, Master of Public
Irene Hillman CECS Director of Center for Student
Jaclyn York RCOB Assistant Director - Rollins Scholars
Jay Blackman Athletics Deputy AD - Internal Operations
Kristi Wick CHEPS - Nursing Vicky B. Gregg Chair of Gerontology - School of Nursing
Ray Bassett WUTC Editorial Director
Ryan Jones Advancement Associate Athletics Director, Development
Steve Ray CAS Associate Head - Performing Art
Jennifer Fritts Advancement Director of Corporate Relations
Jeremiah Chambers Student Freshmen Senate President
John Freeze, Co-chair Academic Affairs Director, Center for Professional
Mandy McAllister Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Administrative Specersitialist
Rob Liddell Center for Career & Leadership Development Executive Director
Shewanee Howard-Baptiste Academic Outreach Vice Provost
Stephen Rumbaugh Communications & Marketing Executive Director of Brand
Tony Parsley, Co-chair Information Technology Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Associate Chief Information Officer
Yasmine Key  University Health Services Director
UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
Angie To, Co-chair CAS Department Head - Art
Beth Crawford Learning and Leadership Program Professor and Program Advisor
Brittney Holder Advancement Director of Development - CHEPS
Brooke Epperson CHEPS Associate Director Undergraduate Program Coordinator - Nursing
David Rausch CHEPS Associate Dean
Emily Blackman Athletics Assistant Vice Chancellor - Athletic
Jamie Walden Information Technology Director of Enterpise Systems
Jennifer Goodrich, Co-chair CECS Lecturer - Engineering
Joe Dumas CECS Interim Associate Dean
Katrina Craven RCOB Director of Mar/Com RCoB
Marisa Colston CHEPS Department Head- Health and
Matt Matthews Academic Affairs Vice Provost
Max Jordon CHEPS Assistant Professor - PhysicalTherapy
Michelle Deardorff CAS Department Head - Political Science
Rebecca Shortridge RCOB Dept Head Accounting
Stacy Lightfoot Access and Engagement Vice Chancellor
Amanda Clark CAS Associate Dean
Chang Phoung CECS Associate Lecturer Computer
Erica Holmes-Trujillo CAS Director of the HUB/ CAS AdvisingCenter
Heather Palmer CAS Professor of English
Shane Ward CAS Assistant Professor Art
Thomas Lyons RCOB Clarence E. Harris Chair ofExcellence in Entrepreneurship
Tina Benkhiser JD RCOB Lecturer
Zennia Nesmith CAS Undergraduate Psychology Major (Senior)
UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
Abdul Ofoli CECS Professor of Electrical Engineering
Al Salatka Library Interim Director of Acquisitions & Content Management
Beni Asllani RCOB Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Cathy Scott CHEPS Associate Professor & BSW Program Director
Charlie Mix IGTLab GIS Director
Christopher Cox CAS Department Head - Mathematics
Erica Siemers Advancement Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor for Development
Erkan Kaplanoglu CECS Associate Professor
Ethan Carver Graduate School Interim Dean
Geoff Millener Enterprise Center COO
Jennifer Herrett-Skjellum CIE Student
Joshua Davies CAS Associate Professor
Linda Frost Honors College Dean
Lisa Piazza URaCE Executive Director
Mengjun Xie CECS Director of UTC InfoSec Center/Professor
Meredith Perry Research Assistant Vice Chancellor
Michael Scott Information Technology Dircector of Infrastructure Services
Mina Sartipi Center for Urban Informatics and Progress Director
Nagwan Zahry, Co-chair CAS Associate Professor
Rahul Bhosale CECS Assistant Professor
Reinhold Mann, Co-chair Research Interim Vice Chancellor
Sree Sreenivas CECS Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Stephanie Philipp CHEPS Assistant Professor
Theresa Liedtka Library Dean of the Library
UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
Brian O'Leary CAS Department Head--Psychology
Carolyn Runyon Library Assistant Head, Collection Services/Director, Special
Chris Cunningham, Co-chair CAS I-O Psychology Graduate Program
Christina Vogel CAS Associate Professor
Eddie Brudney CAS Assistant Professor
Frank Tudini CHEPS Associate Professor - Physical Therapy
Laura Cagle Snyder Advancement Director of Stewardship & Donor Ev
Lori Waite CAS Lecturer - Sociology
Marcia Noe CAS Director of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Melita Rector Budget & Finance Accounting Specialist
Susan Eckelmann, Co-chair CAS Associate Dept Head of History
Tenai Glenn CAS Administrative Specialist
UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
John "Trey" Straussberger Office of National Scholarships Director
Andrea Neely RCOB Associate Professor of Management
Andrew Horton Athletics Deputy AD - External Operations
Aria Beloate Student Government Association Student
Arsen Martyshchuk SGA Student
Artanya Wesley Enrollment Management Vice Chancellor
Bo Baker Library Department Head Research & Public Services
Braden Stillwell Student Government Association Student
Brett Fuchs Student Affairs Assoc Dean
Chamyra Teasley Student Government Association Student
David Levine CHEPS Professor and Program Advisor -
Delight Yokley, Co-chair Academic Affairs Assistant Provost for Student Success
Devori Kimbro CAS Associate Lecturer
Melissa Laseter Student Support Services Director
Molly Cooper Advancement Director of Alumni Affairs
Peyton Schultz Communications & Marketing Staff Writer
Sally Halloran Communications & Marketing Senior Director of Marketing
Stacie Grisham, Co-chair Enrollment Management Assistant Vice Chancellor
Takeo Suzuki Academic Affairs Executive Director Center for Global Education
UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
Andrew Aslinger Advancement Director of Advancement Services
Anitra Barrett Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Director of Title IX & Tilte IX
Anthony McClellan Facilities Executive Director
Chris Sherbesman Finance & Admin. Associate Vice Chancellor
Cindy Williamson Assessment Director
Donny Behneman Information Technology Business Intelligence and Process Analyst
Hill Craddock CAS UC Foundation Davenport
Laure Pou, Co-chair Human Resources Assistant Vice Chancellor
Lee Pierce Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Assistant Vice Chancellor
Sherry Marlow-Ormsby, Co-chair OPEIR Executive Director


Office of the Chancellor

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