Strategy 2030 Steering Committee

UTC Table
Name Department/Area Role
Bryan Johnson, Chair Communications and Marketing Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Strategy Officer
John Freeze Academic Affairs Director, Center for Professional Education
Matt Matthews  Academic Affairs Vice Provost
Shewanee Howard-Baptiste Academic Outreach Vice Provost
Stacy Lightfoot Access and Engagement Vice Chancellor  
Susan Eckelmann CAS Associate Dept Head of History
Brandalyn Shropshire Admissions Associate Director, Engagement
Amy Donahue Advancement Assistant Vice Chancellor of Communications and Constituent Relations
Melita Rector Budget and Finance Accounting Specialist
Angie To CAS Department Head – Art
Chris Cunningham CAS I-O Psychology Graduate Program Director
Michelle Deardorff CAS Department Head – Political Science and Public Service
Jennifer Goodrich CECS Lecturer – Engineering Management
Joe Dumas CECS Interim Associate Dean
Mina Sartipi  Center for Urban Informatics and Progress Director
Brooke Epperson CHEPS Associate Director, Undergraduate Program Coordinator – Nursing
David Rausch CHEPS Associate Dean
Marisa Colston CHEPS Department Head – Health and Human Performance
Valerie Rutledge CHEPS Dean
Artanya Wesley Enrollment Management Vice Chancellor  
Stacie Grisham Enrollment Management Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Success
Anthony McClellan Facilities Executive Director 
Chris Sherbesman Finance and Administration Associate Vice Chancellor
Ethan Carver Graduate School Interim Dean
Laure Pou Human Resources Assistant Vice Chancellor
John “Trey” Straussberger Office of National Scholarships Honors College Director 
Sherry Marlow-Ormsby OPEIR Executive Director 
Katrina Craven RCOB Director of Marketing and Communications
Rebecca Shortridge RCOB Department Head – Accounting
Thomas Lyons RCOB Clarence E. Harris Chair of Excellence in Entrepreneurship, Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Reinhold Mann  Research Interim Vice Chancellor 
Chamyra Teasley Student Government Association Student
Name Department/Area Role


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