Student Awardees


Partial tuition for 3 years awarded to an outstanding freshman pre-medical student (rising sophomore)

2015: Josephine Bolin

2014: Tiffany Franks

2010: Hayden Lee Shafer

2009: Brittany Lockmiller

Up to $1,000 awarded to geology majors to help offset the expense of field camp or summer research activities.

2016: Hayley Beitel, Valerie Connelly, Alex Dennis and J.D. Mallory

2015: Alexander Dennis and Matthew Sadler

2014: Sarah Morgenthaler

2013: Azliee Uhles

2010: Steven Farmer

2009: Alan Lewis

Partial tuition for senior year awarded to an outstanding biology pre-medical student (rising senior).

2016: Tiffany Franks

2015: Hannah Turcotte

2014: Baylee Curtis

2012: Kristen Azevedo

2011: Duncan McPherson 

2010: Jennifer M. Woosley 

2009: Jesalyn Tate

2008: Kyle Mullins 

2007: Cyril Fider

2006: Bradley Thrasher

2005: Danielle Hobdy


Partial tuition awarded to a non-traditional biology major with at least 3.0 GPA (rising junior or senior

2015: Chirs Muegge

2014: Megan Kinsler

2013: Holly Lutz

2012: Hilliare Bracey

Partial tuition for senior year awarded to an outstanding biology pre-medical student (rising senior)

2016: Maddison Melchionna

2015: Josh Coleman

2014: Erin Colwell

2013: Katy Higgins

2012: Alexander Scherelis

2011: Megan Ayres

2010: Lindsey Allison Deloach 

2009: Jessica Howard

2008: Leigh Ann Norris 

2007: Amanda Weaver

2006: Whitney Black 

2005: Charles Phillips

Partial tuition for senior year awarded to an outstanding biology pre-medical student (rising senior)

2016: Cameron Brocco

2015: Jerica Davis

2013: Kelton Messinger

2012: Trent Martin

2011: Megan Roberson 

2010: Joshua L. Ooten 

2009: Charles Felts 

2008: Michael Hernandez 

Awarded to the graduating senior biology major with the highest overall GPA

2016: Anna Claire Robinson

2015: Anna Claire Robinson

2014: Katy Higgins

2013: Mary Ayres

2012: Duncan McPhearson and Megan Roberson

2011:  Jessica Howard and Lauren Milleville 

2010: Wilson Tyler Walker 

2009: Leigh Ann Norris

2008: Catherine Coffman, Laura Lomenick, Cyril Fider, and Amy Mohr

2007: Jennifer Jackson and Eric Cohen 

2006: Bernadette Helton

2005: Lisa Worthen

Awarded to outstanding geology majors

2016: Allessandra Knowles, Joseph Saunders and Jonathan Stanfield

2015: Marcus Moon

2014: Madeline Otting

2013: Nathan Brown

2012: Mary Eibl

2011: Amanda Brown and Azilee Uhles

2010: Noah Derrick and Phillip Van Winkle

2009: Andrew Beard and Robyn Weyenberg

Awarded to the graduating senior environmental sciences major with the highest GPA who has made significant contributions in both service and scholastic achievement to the environmental sciences program

2015: Aubrey Routledge

2014: Rachael Head

2013: Patricia Garland

2012: Patricia Garland

2011: Maria Cooksey and Trevor Slayton 

2010: Carolyn Sue Hoagland and Tiia Berit Sailstad 

2009: Lauren Harris and Jeff Kemper 

2008: Ayla Joy Callihan 

2007: Moriah Salter

2006: Callie Montgomery and Joshua Workman 

2005: Michelle Elaine Curtis

Awarded to deserving senior student in the UTC Geology Program.

2015: Andrew Stevens

2014: Amanda Brown

2013: Dixie Searfoss

2011: Noah Derrick

2010: Claire Landis

2009: Jessica Moerman

Awarded to deserving students in the UTC Geology Program.

2016: Valerie Connelly

2015: Valerie Connelly and Jonathan Standfield

2014: Chelsea Lemley

2013: Alex Whitman

2012: Sarah Johnston

2011: Dixie Sutton

2010: Steven Farmer and Alan Lewis

2009: Roger King

Awarded to outstanding student researchers

2016: Anna Grace Collier and Michael Schoonover

2015: Lauren Lyon, Jessica Schutte, Andrew Siv and Gayle Tyree

2014: Adrianna Eder and Jared Odell

2013: Hayden Shafer

2011: Lauren Milleville, George Campbell, and Reid Bolus 

2009: Jamie Dinkins and Leigh Ann Norris

Awarded to a student providing outstanding service to the department

2016: Libby Boykin, Jerica Davis, Denisse Breton Guerrero and Michael Schoonover

2015: Lindsey Brunner, Andrew Siv and Gayle Tyree

2014: Erik Hearn, Cole Hayes and Sara Neumann

2013: Casey Carpenter, Nyssa Hunt, Kristin Standfill and Kevin Curd

2012: Daniel Francis, Nyssa Hunt and Amanda Pointer

2011: Adam Lyons, Jacob Wilkins, and Colleen Mikelson 

2010: Kurtis Alexander Kilbourne, Elizabeth J. Southall, Jessica M. Hubbuch, and Jessica G. Huffstutter 

2009: Jennifer Grubb, Michael Hernandez, and Mark Wisdom

Funds awarded to an environmental sciences graduate student for uses such as travel, research, etc.

2016: Taylor Perkins

2014: Sarah Farnsley