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Faculty Receive Funding

Dr. DeAnna Beasley and Dr. Christopher Acuff (Political Science & Public Service) have received $264,531 from the National Science Foundation for the project titled, “Collaborative Research: REU Site: The Socio-Ecological Role of Greenways in Urban Systems – An Interdisciplinary Approach.” This student-driven research will focus on the social and ecological characteristics of greenways across various cities. Learn more at the project website.

Dr. Jose Barbosa and Dr. Sandra Affare (Engineering Management) have received $100,000 from the USDA/NIFA for the project titled, “Agriculture and Nutrition for Girls while Encouraging Leadership & STEM-Enrichment (ANGELS)”. This program is to complement traditional and non-traditional STEM education with experiential agricultural activities to help create a successful middle school to college pathway leading to STEM-related careers. By focusing on transformative agricultural projects, the ANGELS Program will encourage female, minority students to flourish in traditionally underrepresented environments.

Professor Kinnear Selected as UTNAA Outstanding Teacher

Congratulations to BGE Senior Lecturer Kate Kinnear on being selected as a recipient of the UTNAA Outstanding Teacher Award! Students nominate faculty to be considered for this prestigious award.  Professor Kinnear was honored at a ceremony in Knoxville on June 3, 2022.


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Meet our NSF Graduate Research Fellows!

Chyanne Smith and Thomas Wiegand are Environmental Science graduate students at UTC whose education and research are supported by highly prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Learn more about these ambitious students, their funded research, and their advice for other students aspiring to apply for student fellowships and other support.

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Chyanne Smith NSF Research
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Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science

Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science