Research Interests

The role of biological diversity in maintaining ecosystems is prominent in environmental change science and policy. My research focuses on the biodiversity of the smallest (< 1 mm) animals on earth, collectively known as meiofauna. Meiofauna encompass an extremely broad and diverse set of creatures of almost all animal phyla that inhabit a variety of ecosystems. They are found in the marine sediments, freshwater wetlands, ponds and streams, brackish marshes, and even in soil within mosses and lichens.

Such organisms are important contributors to ecosystem functioning through their roles in nutrient cycling, sediment stability, and food web interactions. They can be used to assess the trophic relationship between smaller organisms (prokaryotes, fungi, diatoms) and larger invertebrates or fish, understand the effect of changing climate and disturbance on biodiversity, and for biomonitoring of environmental pollution.

My research benefits of an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. I aim to integrate field investigation, classical and modern methods in biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and mathematical modeling to characterize different dimensions of biodiversity and disturbance responses in populations and communities of meiofauna across ecosystems.

In my lab, we aim to address the following questions: what and how many species are found in a particular habitat? How are such species phylogenetically and ecologically related? What are their functional and ecological roles in the ecosystem? How have they adapted to their environment?  

My lab embraces creativity and intellectual freedom, stimulates interdisciplinary collaborations, exposes students to wide-ranging research opportunities highlighting scientific contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and fosters diversity and inclusion. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of discrimination.



Leasi F. (PI) Development and application of bioinformatics pipelines and theoretical models to predict microbiome biodiversity in response to environmental stressors. Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science & Engineering (CEACSE) UTC. August 2018; $24,905.

Leasi F. (PI) Meiofauna diversity in Panama. Global Genome Initiative, Smithsonian Institution. GGI-Rolling-2015-020. October 2016; $30,000.



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Books/Book Chapters

De Smet WH, Melone G, Fontaneto D, Leasi F (2015) Marine Rotifera – Fauna d’Italia Vol. L. Ed. Calderini, Bologna. Pp: 272. ISBN 978-88-506-5490-1.