Profile photo of Dr. Amy Brock-Hon
Dr. Amy Brock-Hon
Associate Professor; Associate Department Head
Biology, Geology and Environmental Science
Ph.D. - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  218C Grote

Courses Taught

  • Physical Geology (GEOL 1110)
  • Mineralogy (GEOL 3410 with lab)
  • Geomorphology and Earth Surface Processes (GEOL 4080 with lab)
  • Soil Properties, Genesis, and Development Across the Landscape (GEOL 3220)
  • Geology and Sr. Seminar Courses (GEOL 4800 and GEOL 4900)


Research Interests

  • Development of late-stage petrocalcic horizons in arid and semi-arid regions.
  • Linkage of geomorphic, tectonic, and paleoclimatic changes to pedogenesis in ancient soils.
  • The mode and timing of pedogenic silicate clay and barite formation in ancient carbonate soils.
  • Soil mineralogy and micromorphology.



2017-Investigation into the Development of Large, Closed Topographic Depressions atop the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

2015-College of Arts and Sciences Research and Creative Award to sample and characterize the mineral barite in soils and rocks.

2015-Provost Student Research Award for undergraduate Geology student Dylan Dudley to study mineralogical differences in soils at Mormon. Mesa, NV

2014-Provost Student Research Award for undergraduate Geology student Sarah Morgenthaler to study dissolution features in soils at Mormon Mesa, NV.

2013- Provost Student Research Award for undergraduate Geology student Jonathan Petsch to charactarize sediments in Raccoon Mountain Caverns.


Sample Publications

* Denotes products of supervised undergraduate research

Robins, C.R., Deurlington, A., Buck, B.J., Brock-Hon, A.L., Micromorphology and formation of pedogenic ooids in calcic and petrocalcic soils: Geoderma v. 251-252, p 10-23.

*Brock-Hon, A.L., Johnston, S.E., 2014, Separation and characterization of pedogenic barite crystals from petrocalcic horizon materials for future isotopic and geochronological applications: Geoderma v. 217-218, 129-134.

Brock-Hon, A.L., Elliot, T.R., 2013. Three-dimensional investigation of petrocalcic materials: Insight into pedogenic processes and future applications: Soil Science Society of America Journal v. 77, 1436-1441.

Robins, C., Brock-Hon, A.L., Buck, B.J., 2012. Conceptual mineral genesis models for calcic pendants and petrocalcic horizons, Nevada:  Soil Science Society of America Journal v. 76 n. 5, p. 1887-1903.

Brock-Hon, A.L., Robins, C., Buck, B.J., 2012. Micromorphological investigation of pedogenic barite in Mormon Mesa petrocalcic horizons, Nevada USA: Implication for genesis: Geoderma v. 197-180, p. 1-8.

Buck, B.J., Lawton, T.F., Brock, A.L., 2010. Evaporitic paleosols in continental strata of the Carroza Formation, La Popa Basin, Mexico: Record of Paleogene climate and salt tectonics: GSA Bulletin v. 122, n. 7-8, p. 1011-1026.

Brock, A.L., Buck, B.J., 2009. Polygenetic development of the Mormon Mesa, NV petrocalcic horizons: Geomorphic and paleoenvironmental interpretations: Catena v. 77, p 65-75.

House, P.K., Pearthree, P.A. Brock, A.L., 2008. Preliminary geologic map of Late Cenozoic deposits in the Spirit Mtn. SE Quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada and Mohave County, Arizona: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 08-3, 1:24,000.


Recent Published Abstracts

Brock-Hon, A.L., Hon, K.D. 2016. Preliminary results from a geophysical survey on a large depression in the Pennsylvanian clastic caprice of the Cumberland Plateau. Geological Socieity of America Abstracts with Programs. V.48, n.7.

*Morgenthaler, S.E., Brock-Hon, A.L., 2014, Report of an ongoing investigation into the development of dissolution voids in petrocalcic materials at Mormon Mesa, Nevada: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 46, n. 6, p. 511.

*Petsch, J., Brock-Hon, A.L., Wood, C., 2014, Sediment characterization for future cosmogenic dating in Raccoon Mountain Caverns, Hamilton County, TN: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 46, n. 3, p. 98.