Water flowing over rocks through a cavern

Geology Program

Welcome to our department which is physically located in Grote Hall. We are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate education in the areas of classical and environmental geology.

We offer three awards. The Hoover-Nofsinger and Lebron B. Carver scholarships are awarded to deserving Geology majors. The Geology Award is presented to the most outstanding graduating geology senior.

Thin-section and polished section equipment is housed on the first floor of Grote Hall.

Other teaching and research equipment include: X Ray Diffractometer, Hach Spectrophotometer, assorted transmitted- and reflected-light petrographic microscopes, computers interfaced with scanner and plotter.

In addition to teaching, our faculty are engaged in research activities
in which geology majors may participate. Often, student research presentations are made at regional and national geology society meetings.

Each spring the department offers a ten-day field experience to examine either the geology of the Southwest USA or Costa Rica (in alternate years).