BGES First Annual Fall Semester Social

Thursday, September 21, 2017 5:00-8:00 at Chamberlain Pavilion

Rain Location @ 6:00 in UC Chattanooga Room
FREE ICE CREAM for all department majors and those interested in biology, geology and environmental science degrees
Raffle prizes
Meet faculty and staff in the department
Learn about student clubs
Games and more!
RSVP to before 5:00 on Sept 20th and receive an additional raffle ticket for cool prizes.



East Side of Holt Hall Still Open

You may have noticed the west side of Holt Hall is not accessible. This is because renovation of this side of the building is ongoing. However, the east side of Holt Hall is still open and classes are still being held. Make sure to come to your classes scheduled for Holt Hall.


We've Outgrown Our Space!

Dramatic increases in BGE students and faculty during recent years indicate healthy academic programs, but present numerous challenges. We’ve outgrown our space in Holt Hall, and for several years offices and labs have spilled over into Grote Hall and the 5th Street Annex. The good news is that Holt Hall renovation is planned to begin in 2017, and after the renovation BGE will occupy the entire building. BGE space in Holt Hall will double, accommodating the majority of BGE faculty offices and labs. Geology faculty offices and labs will remain in Grote Hall.

Holt Hall will be renovated in two phases. Phase I involves renovating the West half of the building (near UTC Student Center). During summer 2016, BGE faculty and labs in the West half of Holt Hall were relocated to other buildings, in preparation for renovation. Relocated faculty offices and labs are listed below. After Phase I is completed, the West half will be reoccupied. The BGE front office will remain in Holt Hall 215 during Phase I.

During Phase II, faculty offices and labs in the East half of Holt Hall will be relocated and that half will be renovated. The renovation process is complex and will necessarily involve some inconvenience for faculty and students. BGE appreciates your cooperation and understanding during the renovation period.

Phase I relocations to Davenport Hall:

  1. Microbiology Teaching Lab, Microbiology Preparatory Lab
  2. Spratt Research Lab, Spratt Office
  3. N. Barbosa Office
  4. Genetics Teaching Lab
  5. Kovach Research Lab, Kovach Office
  6. Carver Research Lab, Carver Office
  7. Developmental Biology Teaching Lab
  8. Klug Research Lab, Klug Office
  9. Wilson Office, Wilson Student Office
  10. Beasley Office, Beasley Research Lab

 Phase I relocations to 5th Street Annex Buildings:

  1. ESC Teaching Lab
  2. Caskey Office