No Time Ticket

The student may receive this error if they have not been fully admitted to the university.


 rec no time ticket


Student may not register due to holds on their account.

rec holds


Student must be re-admitted to the university.

rec readmission


Registration is not allowed at this time

Registration is not yet open for this student.



Class is Closed

The class is closed. The student may request to be put on the waitlist if waitlist is an option for this course.

 rec closed

Register for a class


 rec register

Closed classes are displayed with a ‘C’ in the left column.

rec closed 2

Waitlisted, not registered for the course

rec waitlist

Registering for wait listed course

This is what a student sees after they have received notification that a spot has opened in a wait listed course and they can now register for the course.

rec waitlist2