Borrower Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for all items checked out in your name.
  • Do not check out items for other people.
  • Do not depend on other people to return items for you.
  • Note the time or date your borrowed materials are due. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy, but it is always your responsibility to return materials on time.
  • Veteran Student Services (VSS) uses university email accounts for notification of available equipment and overdue notices. It is the borrower's responsibility to forward mail from these accounts to commercial email accounts if they are used. Lack of mail delivery does not excuse the borrower from responding to notices.
  • If you receive an overdue notice for equipment that you believe you returned, reply to the notice with this information.
  • Report lost or stolen items promptly.
  • Abuse of VSS privileges may result in the loss of privileges. Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to, damaging equipment and/or repeatedly failing to return equipment on time.