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"This event made me think about how people are a compilation of many different qualities and shouldn't have to check one box to identify themselves."
"What does it mean to be human? What do words mean to individual people and how do we alter the definition of words to our advantage or to the disadvantage of others?"
"This makes me want to explore more into my own cultural background. I love that everyone here is experiencing and learning things from other cultures. It's important to learn from others to create an eclectic perspective."
"It made me question what else is out there. I have lived in Chattanooga my whole life and continuously come across new things therefore what else could possibly be out there in the world."
"We produce enough food today to feed everyone 2800 cal a day, but still thousands go hungry. I learned that I could feed many mouths for a whole year with just 2 hrs of my time."
- From Feed My Starving Children
"I learned how the Latino community join together to get through some issues or conflicts. The staff is great and everything has a great atmosphere."
- From La Paz Healthcare, Education, and FUN!day
"I gained a lot of knowledge in the history of MLK and African American culture. I also gained a new perspective towards art. It made me more thankful for the easy life I was blessed with. I was surprised because I didn't expect this tour to do that."
- From the Public Art Tour with Mark Making
"I learned to experience things outside the classroom and campus, and a lot of cool places to go. I learned about the part of Georgia that for a long time was not a part of the U.S."
- From Get Out on Lookout: History and Adventure Hike
"I was very surprised that many of the paintings placed around the downtown area were done by local people. That was very inspirational."
- From the Public Art Tour with Mark Making
"What is amazing is that kids from the projects appreciate what they have a lot more than we do."
- From Teach a Child, Save a Child
"The social leap people take to overcome diversity is a big part of the college experience."
- From the University Convocation
"I learned that busk cherries exist and taste good, I learned what a pawpaw fruit is, and I learned that organic food is not only good for you, but it's also DELICIOUS! I was surprised at how fast time went by and that no one had any ticks."
- From Sustainability Garden Intro/Crabtree Farms Work and Harvest Day
"I learned how to canoe and how important it is to clean up the river. The natural life in it is amazing and was fun to see."
- From Water Travel and Clean Up on Tennessee River
"From the events I attended, I learned a lot about the city of Chattanooga. I learned that mentally ill patients painted a lot of the murals and strange but beautiful pictures around downtown Chattanooga. On the Clean and Green event, I learned that Krystal's and Moonpies actually started in Chattanooga. I learned how to start a garden as well. Initially, I had no clue that these were the types of things that I would get involved in."
"The best thing about the experiences for me was probably the knowledge part. Sometimes people would assume that I'm from Chattanooga as I have learned so much about this city. I feel as though this is the best thing because I'm a strong believer that knowledge is power and I feel like I have to know as much as possible about where I am going to be spending the next four years of my life. As well as the knowledge being the best part, I think the friendships I've made with other 'think achievers' is a great thing as well."
"I would definitely bring a friend along the next time. The experiences that I got out of Beyond the Classroom were great and I wish others could have experienced it along with me. I wouldn't change anything about the events they were very informative and each provided a unique opportunity to learn something useful."
"The best thing about these experiences is that I was able to escape from homework and the classroom for an hour or two and really learn and do something interesting."