Student Experiences

student with elephant in thailand

UTC students are writing about their experiences abroad.

Check out what they have to say, then meet with an advisor to find out how you can have your own unique study abroad experience! 

UTC in the Bahamas (Spring Break 2018):

JheDienne Adams: Forget Ford, Be Built San Sal Tough

Jordan Barnes: Frolicking Among the Bahamian Plants

Greyson Dukes: A Wider World

NinaSimone Edwards:  Journey to San Salvador

Itzel Guzman Hernandez: Taking Tropical Geology and Ecology in San Salvador, Bahamas

Brittany Jaggars: Tropical Ecology in the Bahamas

Jesse Moore: Knowledge Abroad

Elnaz Nourabadi: The Island Life For Me

Nicholas Perry: San Salvador Study Adventures

Stephanie Swart:  San Salvador: A Trip to Remember

Jessica Wicker:  San Salvador: An Island Unknown

Thomas Wiegand: Study Abroad Experience in San Salvador, Bahamas

UTC in the Balkans (May 2018):

Paige Amoroso: Business in the Balkans

Claudia Craig: Same Sky, Different Land

Savanna Gifford: Balkan Experience

Casey Honaker-Stinnett: A Balkan Experience

Willard Jackson: Doing Business in the Balkans

Hailey Johnston: Balkans Unplugged

Jordan Lehman: A Different Side of Europe

Christina Maximos: Balkan Adventures

Bronwyn McEwen: Studying Abroad in the Balkans

Lynna Nguyen: Business in the Balkans

Christina Padavana: The Beauty of the Balkans

Caroline Rabiner: My Study Abroad Experience in the Balkans

Eleanor Thompson: Back to the Balkans

Catarina Mendes Felgueira: Belgisch Avontuur

Justin Friar: Decisions and Changes

Emily McAndrew: Chilling in Chile

Annabelle Huffman: An Intern in China

UTC in China (July 2018):

Brandon Layne: Daily Life

Will Patterson: You Should Come to China

Madison Singley: China: Five Cities in Ten Days

Mallory Barbier: Adventures of an Aspiring Scientist in the Tropical Forests of Costa Rica

Amber Boyd (Featured Program Scholarship recipient): My Studies in Costa Rica

NinaSimone Edwards: A “Pura Vida” Experience

TriDereka Hall:  Costa Rica Adventure

Caelan Shurina: Tropical Trip


UTC in Germany (May 2018):

Janelle Ayala: A Sight for Sore Eyes: Germany

Samantha Houston: Culture Shock is a Good Thing

Nichole Fabrizio: Germany is the Place for Me

Dawn Jones: My Study Abroad - Berlin, Germany

Mitchell Voelker: A Tour of Germany

Grant Walker: What A Time

Annalisa D'Andrea: Athens, the City of Ruins

Brooke Harper: A Summer in Greece

Daniel Smith: Study Abroad in Athens

UTC in Haiti (October 2017):

Calie Collier: A Week in Haiti

Katherine Meares: Study Abroad in Haiti Reflection

LeeAnn Schober: UTC in Haiti

Max Michael: Haiti Reflection

Morgan Jackson: My Study Abroad Experience in Haiti

Nicole Nickels: Haiti

Troy Upleger: Haiti Study Abroad

Veronica Cordova: Study Abroad Reflection on Haiti

Zackery Pylant: Haiti: Overall Reflection

Savannah Wexler (Featured Program Scholarship recipient): Interning Abroad in Asia

UTC in Hungary (Spring Break 2018):

Paige Anctil: Experiencing the Daily Life of Others

Amy Gugliemino: HunGREAT

Zareya Moore: Gypsy Soul

Jessica Neill: A Magyar Spring Break

Wesley Bolton: When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

Kaylyn Miette Craig: A Home Away from Home

Mary Simerly: Fun Times in Florence

Rhiannon Ong-Halleron: My Summer in Amman

UTC in Kenya (May 2018):

JheDienne Adams: Chapati na Chai Tafadhali

Wyatt Branch: Asante Sana

Aubrey Buttrey: A Very Un-American Experience

Andrew Cox: Giraffes Do Create Traffic

Isabel Gray: My Kenya Experience

Opeletia Helton: Redefining

Austin Holdsworth: The Spirit of Harambee

Kristi Kanan: Kristi in Kenya

Shelby Musselman: Authentic Africa

Anna Sinders: African Not Believe I Went to Kenya

Katelyn Thompson: My Month in Kenya

Emily Wilson: Trip of a Lifetime

Britany Green: A Semester in Oaxaca

Jared Steiman: Migration Study in Mexico


Callie Cantrell: Study Abroad and Non-Profit Work in Peru

Taylor Rogers: Time Abroad in Peru

UTC in Peru (December 2018):

Lynna Nguyen:  Peru for a Summer Christmas

Keri Toth: Peru: An Impactful Experience

Mickayla Turner:  Around Peru in Eight Days

Laura Anderson: Rooted in Africa, Global in Reach

Lauren Dunn: UTC to UCT

Samaria Grandberry: Internship in South Africa

McKenzie Jaynes: Studies in South Africa

Lindsey Farrell: Turning Travel Into Adventure

Rowan Green: Studying Abroad in Barcelona

Mary Meyer: Oh My Gaudi!

Lillian Redpath: You Can Totally Do It

Visesiya Uwifashije: The Unforgettable Journey

Cassie Whittaker: Seville, Spain Summer 2018

UTC in Spain (Summer 2018):

Tanesha Colquitt: The Spanish Summertime

Jason Dale: Un mes en España

William Day: Looking Back on my Study Abroad Experience

Emily Gaylor: A Summer in Spain

Camden Eckler: While in Spain

Douglas Ledford: Spain

Ryan Ledford: The Facets of Spain

Sara Noble: A Summer in Spain

Tara Reese: Taking a Leap of Faith

Alexandra Shea: The Great Spanish Melting Pot

Chandler Shelton-Swenson: Abroad in Spain

Lindsey Sherrill: Take Every Opportunity

Noah Sykes: A Summer of Adventure

John Walker: Two Months in Spain

International Summer Undergraduate Research Program (2017):

Kirsten Hein: International Research Experience in Cádiz, Spain

Alex Schwartz: Summer Research in Spain

Gabrielle Morris: Spain in a Nutshell

Connor Wilkins: Reflections on Spain

Rachel Emond: Summer Undergraduate Research

Christopher Hickman: The Secret Life of Cole Hickman