Curriculum Vitae

Q: What are your research interests?

A: My primary research interests relate to the foster care and child welfare system. I am particularly interested in risk and protective factors of key players in the foster care system, such as foster parents, youth involved in foster care, case workers, and other child welfare professionals. I am also interested in researching ways to improve the function of the child welfare system and improving collaboration with other systems such as the education system, child advocates, juvenile justice system, or court system.

Q: How can students interested in your research learn more about it?

A: Students can email me directly to learn more about my research.

Q: Do you want students interested in your research to contact you?  If you are on Scholar Bridge, please indicate that you are. If not, please sign up here:

A: I would love for students to contact me if they are interested in working on a research project with me. I do have a Scholar Bridge account.