Campus Concealed Carry

As of July 1, 2016, Tennessee law TCA 39-17-1309 allows generally all University of Tennessee full-time employees with a valid handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun on UT property.

Notice of Intent to carry a concealed handgun

Full-time employees who work in the Chattanooga area and intend to carry a concealed handgun on UT property in the Chattanooga area are required to appear at the UTC Police Department to notify police of their intent by completing registration paperwork in the presence of a sworn officer.

No person may carry a weapon on campus prior to filing notice of intent.
Do not carry a weapon to the police department prior to filing notice of intent.

Registrants must bring their:

  • Faculty/staff identification card
  • Valid Tennessee driver’s license
  • Valid Tennessee handgun permit
UTC Police Department
Administrative Services Building
400 Palmetto St, Chattanooga, TN 37403
(423) 425-4357


Full-time employees who are enrolled in a class or classes at the university may not carry a concealed handgun on UT property.

Full-time employees are prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon into meetings regarding tenure and employee discipline.

Prohibited locations

Full-time employees may not carry a handgun into any stadium, gymnasium, arena, or auditorium when university-sponsored events are underway.

Other prohibited locations include facilities and offices where medical and mental health services are the primary services provided, such as hospitals, health centers, clinics and counseling centers.

Additional information regarding Concealed Carry on university campuses

For more information, see the University of Tennessee’s safety policy and commonly asked questions about firearms.

Voluntary Training

UTCPD will offer voluntary training that will cover firearm safety, reiteration of statutory requirements and limitations, a review of prohibited locations, personal liabilities, and other pertinent topics. Information on this training will be provided to registrants.

  • For more information: please contact the UTC Police Department: (423) 425-4357