Contact Information

For emergencies: 4357 on campus or 911 emergency

  • 911 Emergency
  • UTC ext. 4357 or HELP
  • 423-425-4357 Campus Police 

You may report suspicious or criminal activity along with any other emergencies by dialing the Campus Police at ext. 4357 or HELP when off-campus dial 423-425-4357. Additionally, the University has instituted an emergency 911 system campus wide.

In an emergency situation you can reach the Campus Police by dialing 911 from any campus telephone. Your location automatically registers on a computer console in the Police Department Communication's office, where help will be dispatched immediately. We also recommend that you program your cellular telephone to the UTC Police Department at 423-425-4357. You may also call 911 from your cell phone but calling 4357 often results in a faster response as our officers are closer.  911 calls not dialed from campus phones will be processed through the Chattanooga city 911 system. 

Other Important Phone Numbers on Campus

Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations, Dr. Richard L. Brown, Jr. 4393
Executive Director of Emergency Services, Dr. Robie Robinson 4167
Chief of Police Robert Ratchford 4004
Deputy Chief Craig Hamilton 5290
Student Affairs, Jim Hicks 4534
Safety and Risk Management, Mr. Bob Jackson 5949
Counseling Center, Dr. Elizabeth O'Brien 4438
UTC Center for Women and Gender Equity, Sara Peters 5648
UTC University Health Services 4453
Housing Director, Ms. Valara Sample 4304 

Other Important Phone Numbers Off Campus

Chattanooga Police Department 423-698-2525
Hamilton County Sheriffs Department: 423-209-7000
Hamilton County District Attorney's Office: 423-209-7400
Johnson Mental Health Center: 423-634-8884
Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline: 423-755-2700
Sexual Assault Crisis and Resource Center: 423-755-2710
Legal Aid of East Tennessee 423-756-4013
Tennessee State Victim Compensation Information 615-741-2734