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New CPD protocol for traffic accident responses

December 2022

Recently, Chattanooga Police Department implemented a new protocol regarding their response to traffic accidents.

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As all of UTC vehicles are considered government-owned vehicles, please continue to call 911 (off campus), 911 from a campus phone, or 425-4357 (HELP) to report an accident on campus.  Inform Dispatch that the vehicle involved is a UTC vehicle.

Also note that this includes those that are driving rental, or personally owned, vehicle on official university business.  In this case, inform Dispatch that you are on official university business.

If the accident involves a non-state owned vehicle, property or a person, an additional required step is to report the accident to the State of Tennessee Call Center 855-253-0629 within 24 hours.

We're updating our fuel management system!

May 2021

The new fuel dispenser and software will provide 24/7 self-service fueling for university gas-powered vehicles and equipment. This new system will require updated WEX fuel cards which will be tied to either a specific vehicle or to a department which can then be used to fill gas cans, golf carts, etc. Vehicles that travel out of the Chattanooga area will use the same WEX fuel card to purchase fuel off campus. A PIN (IRIS 6 digit personnel number) will be required for all on and off campus fuel purchases. More information will be posted on this page and emailed to the UTC-Info list. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


The WEX fuel credit cards have been reissued. YOUR CURRENT CARD, WITH THE EXPIRATION DATE 11/22, WILL BE DEACTIVATED ON 07/25/20! If your department has an University vehicle and is still using the old cards, please bring them to Motor Pool to exchange for an updated one. Fuel list locations and procedure for use remains the same. Card use requires a UTC personnel # (example: 123456) to be used as a PIN at the fuel pump. The driver will also need to enter the odometer reading. The fuel card provides two helpful tools to help locate stations while off campus: the WEX Fuel Location Site and the WEX Connect App for your smart phone. When using these tools, be sure to select the "Search Accepting Locations".

Not Reporting An Accident May Cost Your Department $1,000.00!


The State of Tennessee has implemented a new "Automobile Liability Employee Lag Time Financial Incentive". State employees who are involved in an automobile accident in a state vehicle, rental vehicle or personal car (while on official University business) with another citizen in (or out of) an occupied or unoccupied vehicle, are required to call The State of Tennessee Accident Call Center at 855-253-0629 within 24 hours of the accident. Beginning July 1, 2019 the University may be charged a $1,000.00 fine if the State is not notified in a timely manner. This fine will be charged back to the driver's department. This applies to ALL University employees - faculty, staff or students - on official University business. Please go to Transportation Services Accidents/Roadside Assistant page or contact Debby Corey or Safety and Risk Management for more information.

Tennessee Goes Hands Free!


State of Tennessee PC0412 makes it illegal for a driver to:(a) hold a cellphone or mobile device with any part of their body,(b) write, send, or read any text-based communication,(c) reach for a cellphone or mobile device in a manner that requires the driver to no longer be in a seated driving position or properly restrained by a seat belt,(d) watch a video or movie on a cellphone or mobile device, and(e) record or broadcast video on a cellphone or mobile device.

A driver is permitted to use an earpiece, headphone device, or device worn on a wrist to conduct voice-based communication. The driver may use one (1) button on a cell phone or mobile device to initiate or terminate voice communication. Voice-based communication may also be used to send a text message.

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