ENCE 2010: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Basic concepts of environmental engineering, local and global environmental issues, scientific, social, ethical, regulations and public policy on environmental protection. Introduction to the scientific and engineering principles needed to analyze and solve environmental engineering problems. 

ENCE 3380: Water Resources Engineering

Fundamentals and practices of water resources engineering. Water resources engineering processes in the theoretical and applied realm in the fields of closed conduit (pipe) flow, open channel flow, surface water hydrology, and watershed processes. Application of probability and statistical concepts used in the analysis and design of simple hydraulic and hydrologic systems.

ENCE 4380: Wastewater and Water Treatment

Civil Engineering approaches to designing and managing water supply, sanitary sewer, and storm water collection systems.

ENCH 4330: Chemical Process Operations

Fundamental variables of environmental process operations; generalized treatment of mass-transfer operations including separation processes. Application of fundamental principles of continuous and stage-wise separation processes applicable to resource recovery, recycle and reuse. 

ENCE 4480: Urban Stormwater Management

Understand regulations pertaining to stormwater and review receiving water impacts due to stormwater discharges, sources of pollutants, and pollution control and treatment techniques, integrated drainage design approach for mitigating both quality and quantity issues of stormwater management.