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Hammad El-Ameen
Exploring Islam and Islamophobia
Iman, Author, Educator

Hammad El-Ameen was born in Dalton, Georgia and was raised in a Christian home. He established the first Mosque in Dalton, Georgia, established the Understanding Islam Da’awah Foundation, established an Islamic radio program called 'Understanding Islam', and another radio program called 'Meet Your Muslim Neighbor'. He has also authored the book 'The Evidence'. Currently, he is President of both the Understanding Islam Da’awah Foundation and the Muslim Charity Fund, and he is a board member of the Dalton Islamic Center. Iman Hammad El-Ameen also teach a weekly Islam class.

Exploring Islam and Islamophobia

(Co-Presenter with Warda Kahlot and Iqra Sheikh)


The prevalence, frequency and intensity of Islamophobia has increased exponentially Since 911. "Islam and Islamophobia" will discuss the tenets of the faith and the experiences of members of the Muslim community on UTC’s campus and in the wider Chattanooga community. Iman Hammad El-Ameen is a prominent and respected voice in the local Islamic community, and hosts a weekly podcast where he talks about Islam. He will be able to address questions about the Islamic faith and the community’s response to Islamophobia.