COMM Equipment

Spring 2020 Equipment Drops Offs

Did you check out equipment during the spring 2020 semester? Once the semester is over and it's safe, we'd like to get the equipment back. 

Students who live in the Chattanooga Area

If you live in the Chattanooga area and can access campus safely, please consider dropping off the equipment during one of the following drop off times:

  • Tuesday, June 2, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.


Students who do not live in the Chattanooga Area

If you do not live in the Chattanooga area, please keep the equipment safe and bring it back in August during one of the following drop off times:

  • Friday, August 7, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. (the day before graduation - perfect for graduating seniors)
  • Friday, August 14, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. 


Drop Off Directions

An equipment check in station will be located in front of Frist Hall (Oak St. entrance).

Please drive up to the station and remain in your car.

Please pass your equipment out of the window of your vehicle and wait until the person collecting the equipment checks it. The person will indicate when you can leave.

If other cars are checking in equipment when you arrive, please form a line and remain in your car until your turn. 



If the above check in times do not work for you, please contact Dr. Simmons ( to make alternative arrangements for returning the equipment. 


Equipment Pick up & Drop off Hours - Summer 2020

Limited equipment will be available this summer. If you are enrolled in a COMM classes being held this summer and need equipment, please contact Dr. Simmons (  to arrange a day and time to pick up equipment. 


Available Equipment

The Department of Communication provides a variety of video, photographic, and audio recording equipment for COMM students to use in class and to check out for use outside of class time. Much of this equipment was bought with COMM lab fees.

Wondering how to use the equipment once you check it out? Take a look at our Student Resources page.

How to Check out Equipment

  1. To check out equipment your professor must first add you to Cheqroom. Professors will go over this in class, where appropriate.
  2. Review our inventory on Cheqroom to see when an individual piece of equipment is available for check out. You can sort through items using the categories listed below in the "available equipment" list.
  3. Make a reservation in Cheqroom for each piece of equipment needed. Equipment can only be picked up and returned during our equipment hours.
    Audio recording booths can only be reserved for 30 minutes at a time.
    Equipment that is in high demand or that we have limited quantities (including DSLR video camera, the video lighting kits, and boom poles) can only be reserved for 3 business days.
  4. Go to Frist 309 at the start of your reservation to check out the equipment. If no one is available in Frist 309, please check with one of the following faculty members: Dr Simmons (Frist 312), Prof. Weeks (Frist 302), Prof. Gibson (Frist 302), or Dr. McGhee (Frist 307).
  5. If equipment is not checked out on the day a reservation starts the reservation will be voided.

The following equipment is available for use by students enrolled in related COMM classes.

Audio Recorders

  • ZOOM H4n audio recorder (has internal microphones, can also use external microphones) (40)

Audio Recorder Accessories

  • AC Adapter for ZOOM (for use when power is available and batteries are a concern) (20)
  • Windbuster for ZOOM (for use when recording outside with internal microphones and wind is a concern) (20)

Microphones - Unidirectional

  • Shure unidirectional microphone (20)
  • Starpower unidirectional microphone (9)

Microphones - Shotgun

  • Audio-Technica shotgun microphone (20)
  • Sennhesier shotgun microphone (for use with DSLR cameras) (3)
  • Rode Videomic Pro (for use with DSLR cameras) (7)

Microphones - Lavalier

  • Sony omni-direcitonal avalier with XLR connection (7)

Microphone Stands

  • Tabletop microphone stand (can be used with unidirectional or shotgun microphones) (16)

Microphone Boom

  • Microphone boom pole (for use with Audio-Technia shotgun microphones) (5)


  • Headphone (50)


  • Photo flash (Speedlight SB-700) (12)
  • Photo Lighting kit (each kits has 2 soft boxes and 2 light stands) (4)
  • 8 foot light stand for use with flashes or lighting kits (4)
  • Backdrop (black, gray, white) (2)
  • Video lighting kit (Dracast S Series kit with 3 LED video lights and stands) (1) - 3 day check out limit

Photo Camera

  • Sony 5n mirrorless DSLR camera (shoots high quality still phones and HD video) (1)
  • Cameras reserved for students in Photojournalism 1 for the entire semester (Nikon 3100, 3200, 3300)
  • Cameras reserved for students in Photojournalism 2 for the entire semester (Nikon 3200, 3400)

Photo Lens

  • AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1.8 (8)
  • AF Nikkor 80-200mm 2.8 (7)


  • Basic Tripod (SLIK U800 for use with Canon VIXIA video cameras) (35)
  • Tripod for Photography (Manfrotto 290 extra or Manfrotto Compact Advanced) (7)
  • Tripod for Video (Manfrotto MVK500AM for use with DSLR cameras) (8)

Video Camera

  • Canon DSLR for Video (Canon EOS 80d with 18-55mm, good for use in video production) (14)
  • Canon Professional Camcorder (XA11, good for video and film producation) (3)
  • Nikon DSLR for Video (Nikon 5600 with 18-55mm & 70-300mm lens, good for use in video production) (5)
  • Canon Basic Camcorder (VIXIA HF R600 , includes camera, microphone, and headphones) (32)

Video Camera Accessories

  • Elvid Production Slate (4)
  • Marantz DSLR Audio Interface (connect external microphones using XLR connections with a DSLR camera) (6)

Sound Booth

  • Whisper Room located in Metro Annex hallway (reserve time slot for use) - 30 minute time limit

Equipment Loan Policy

  1. I agree that The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga shall not be responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property as a result of use of said equipment.

  2. The student agrees to return equipment as scheduled, in clean and proper working order (including charging used batteries for video cameras). The student agrees to provide repair and replacement of any and all equipment items in the event of damage and loss. Payment arrangements will be made on an individual-case basis. Failure of The student to meet or abide by payment terms may result in an academic hold on client’s College account, preventing registration, releasing of diplomas and transcripts.

  3. The student is responsible for verifying the existence and operating condition of all equipment check out. Report any problems before leaving the media checkout room.

  4. The student must report any known damage or equipment problems when checking in equipment. The student is responsible for the equipment until it is checked in.

  5. The faculty in charge may cancel or amend any equipment request in whole or part at any time without notice.

  6. The student may not use UTC equipment for contract work.
  7. Unless otherwise permitted by the faculty in charge, all equipment is to be used for COMM academic use, Mocs News, and independent projects under faculty supervision.
  8. The student needs to honor the specified check in times of equipment. The student will receive a $25 per day late charge for all equipment up to its replacement value.

  9. In the event of an emergency, which may prevent the client from turning in the equipment, contact must be made with Dr Felicia McGhee (Felicia-McGhee, 423-425-4400).