B.A. in Communication

The Department of Communication offers the bachelor of arts degree to prepare graduates for the rapidly changing media and communication worlds. Students receive a solid foundation in the liberals arts and sciences, as well as training in the skills and knowledge required for success in a wide variety of professions. Students are also given a foundation for success in an ethnically and culturally diverse world.

Graduates work in a variety of professions including print, broadcast and electronic journalism, public relations, advertising, broadcast production, web editing and design, and multi-media production and presentation. The communication degree at UTC also provides a solid foundation for further study in graduate or professional schools. Graduates have entered the University of Florida, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, University of South Florida, University of Texas, University of Mississippi Law Schools and others.

Major in Communication

In addition to completing the university’s general education curriculum, majors complete a 21-hour core of seven courses:

  • COMM 1010 - Introduction to Mass Communication
  • COMM 2300 - Media Writing I
  • COMM 2310 - Media Writing II
  • COMM 3200 - Mass Communication Perspectives
  • COMM 4200 - Senior Seminar
  • COMM 4510 - Mass Communication Law and Ethics
  • COMM 4850 - Individual Internship or COMM 4800 - Directed Project

Students also select 12 hours in communication electives that allow for focused learning in specific professional areas to complete the 33-hour major. Communication electives include:

  • COMM 1999r - Special Projects
  • COMM 2200 - Mass Media History (non skills)
  • COMM 2250 - Television and Pop Culture (non skills)
  • COMM 2710 - Introduction to Public Relations (non skills)
  • COMM 3240 - Race, Gender and the Media (non skills)
  • COMM 3330 - Public Relations Writing (skills)
  • COMM 3350 - Publication Design I (skills)
  • COMM 3370 - Web Design (skills)
  • COMM 3400 - Audio Production and Presentation (skills)
  • COMM 3450 - Video I (skills)
  • COMM 3500 - Television News Production (skills)
  • COMM 3550 - Documentary I: History, Theory and Practice (non skills)
  • COMM 3610 - Advanced Reporting (skills)
  • COMM 3630 - Feature Writing (skills)
  • COMM 3650 - Online Advertising (skills)
  • COMM 3660 - Creative Editing (skills)
  • COMM 3700 - Photojournalism (skills)
  • COMM 4000r - Special Topics (some are skills, some are non skills)
  • COMM 4100 - Public Communication and Environmental Issues (skills or non skills depending on project)
  • COMM 4350 - Publication Design II (skills)
  • COMM 4450 - Video II (skills)
  • COMM 4550 - Documentary II: Production and Post-Production (skills)
  • COMM 4650 - The Advertising Campaign (skills)
  • COMM 4700 - The Public Relations Campaign (skills)
  • COMM 4750 - Photojournalism 2 (skills)

Faculty strive to incorporate relevant ACEJMC Values and Competencies into every courses in the curriculum.

Communication majors complete an internship which is designed to give the student practical experience in a professional setting. Faculty members assist in the placement and oversight of interns. Students may intern in local and regional settings including Web and multi-media development, print and broadcast journalism, magazine journalism, television and radio production, corporate communications and agency, corporate and non-profit public relations, advertising agencies and sales.

For More Information

For a departmental and campus tour, or to get more information about the UTC communication program, please contact Dr. Felicia McGhee, Department Head, at Felicia-McGhee@utc.edu or write the Department of Communication, 309 Frist Hall, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 615 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403.  Phone: 423-425-4400.