Applied Research

The College of Engineering and Computer Science welcomes the opportunity to partner and enter into other mutually beneficial collaboration with industry and other parties.

The College has had a long history of working with the community to solve problems. As we continue to grow, we are able to increase our ability to support solving industry and organizations' issues. These issues, projects or programs can be small or large efforts. Examples of some areas we have helped in include:

- Energy & Carbon Measurements
- Materials Testing
- Nuclear Projects
- Engine Testing
- Power System Testing
- Personal Transportation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how the college of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) can work with you and your company to achieve greater success.

Capstone and Student Projects

The CECS welcomes company input for student projects. These projects can be for a single semester or multiple semesters. Student projects are much more rewarding if they relate to real-world problems. In addition, companies can gain improvement to programs, designs, and processes than can save significant time and money in some cases. There is no cost to a company for having a student assigned to the project, however, some guidance is recommended to achieve the desired results if the company see benefit to the project.

Projects are evaluated by students and professors for selection. Students receive credit in their coursework for their project. Companies are normally expected to provide review, guidance and in some cases materials to assist in the performance and completion of the project. The level of support is agreed upon by the company, student and professor.

Project Sponsorship or Partnership Interest Form

Submit the form below to let us know you are interested in partnering on an applied research or design project. A faculty or staff member will be in touch within 72 business hours.