Available Master's and Ph.D. Courses

The following sections contain a list of the courses offered for graduate programs offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department, separated by degree level. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this data, but should there be any inconsistencies, please refer to the official graduate catalog.

Subject/Crse Course Name Fall Spring
CPSC 5000 Fundamentals of Computer Science  
CPSC 5010 Structuring Programs and Data  
CPSC 5020 Computing Systems  
CPSC 5030 Systems Programming    
CPSC 5100 Theory of Computer Programming Languages  
CPSC 5110 Mobile Computing    
CPSC 5120 Software Project Management    
CPSC 5130 Cloud Computing  
CPSC 5140 Design of Distributed Systems    
CPSC 5150 Design of Web Interfaces    
CPSC 5160 Structured Data Exchange    
CPSC 5170 User Interface Development    
CPSC 5180 Programming Languages for Advanced Data    
CPSC 5200 Automata, Complexity, and Computability    
CPSC 5210 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms  
CPSC 5230 Decision Support and Business Intelligence    
CPSC 5240 Principles of Data Analytics  
CPSC 5250 Medical Informatics    
CPSC 5260 Introduction to Parallel Algorithms  
CPSC 5270 Advanced Database and Database Security  
CPSC 5400 Topics in Simulation    
CPSC 5410 Model Analysis and Simulation    
CPSC 5420 Programming with SAS    
CPSC 5440 Introduction to Machine Learning    
CPSC 5450 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence    
CPSC 5460 Pattern Recognition    
CPSC 5500 Computer Graphics Applications and Algorithms    
CPSC 5510 Advanced Computer Graphics    
CPSC 5530 Data Visualization and Exploration    
CPSC 5560 Computer Data Communications    
CPSC 5570 Internetworking    
CPSC 5580 Software Defined Networks    
CPSC 5590 Advanced Computer Networks  
CPSC 5600 Advanced Biometrics and Cryptography  
CPSC 5610 Advanced Information Security Management    
CPSC 5620 Computer Network Security  
CPSC 5640 Internet Security Protocols    
CPSC 5660 System Vulnerability Analysis and Auditing  
CPSC 5680 Computer Forensics  
CPSC 5700 Advanced Computer Architecture    
CPSC 5710 Microcomputer Systems Architecture    
CPSC 5720 Real-Time Embedded Systems    
CPSC 5800 Advanced Topics in Systems Software    
CPSC 5820 Legacy Computing Systems    
CPSC 5850 Compiler System Design    
CPSC 5900 Project  
CPSC 5910r Special Topics  
CPSC 5920r Graduate Internship in Computer Science  
CPSC 5950r Design Project    
CPSC 5997r Individual Studies  
CPSC 5998r Research    
CPSC 5999r Thesis


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