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Improvement KATA / Coaching KATA Workshop

What Is Improvement KATA?

The Improvement Kata is deliberate daily practice of the scientific method or PDCA routine to grow the team’s learning while advancing toward a challenge condition or improvement goal. The Improvement Kata is practiced daily with intent, in effort to make the routine a habit and a new normal practice. 

Why Is Improvement KATA/Coaching Needed?

The Improvement Kata routine in conjunction with the Coaching Kata routine result in a sustaining culture that is focused on continual daily improvement. This environment supports improved employee engagement while also advancing the performance of the focus process.  This eight-hour workshop brings to life the practice of the concepts of Toyota Kata, including:

  • The Improvement Kata: The routine that drives daily improvement.
  • A daily routine for teaching the Improvement Kata thinking pattern, and reinforces it, to sustain the continuous improvement.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for organizational leaders who seek a strong continuous improvement environment. This includes: CEO’s, managers, supervisors, Lean champions and facilitators.


The class will be instructed by UT CIS Lean Manufacturing Consultants.