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AP® English Literature and Composition

During this APSI, we will examine various strategies for teaching AP English Literature and Composition to a wide range of ability and preparedness levels. We will use the text As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner which all participants are asked to read ahead of time and bring to the workshop. This is a very popular and challenging AP text which works well as a model for discussions of AP Literature strategies. We will spend one full day looking at real sample essays from past exams using this novel and discussing alternative forms of classroom assessment and presentation, as well as the literary content of the text. 

During the week, participants will receive several sample text books as well as many range-finder essays, rubrics and past AP exams.  A thumb drive will be provided containing several years’ worth of past questions and student responses as well as other teaching materials on the elements of style analysis (diction, detail, syntax, point of view and organization).  Approaches to these 5 elements of style analysis will also comprise one day of the session. In addition, at least one full day will be devoted to the nature and content of the AP English Literature Exam.  During the week, we will also practice timed writings using recent AP prompts.

Best practices, the sharing of strategies that work in the classroom, is a popular feature of AP workshops. We will draw on the experience of participants to share their best practices from their own experience so that all will go back to their classrooms in the fall with a variety of teaching options.

Course Takeaways

  1. Understanding of the level of instruction necessary for success on the AP English Lit. Exam
  2. Familiarity with standards and samples from the most recent exam
  3. Ability to accurately score student essays using the AP English Lit. scoring guide
  4. Knowledge of various methods of instruction for teaching poetry, the novel and close reading

Additional Information

Please read and bring with you a copy of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying which will be used during the workshop to model AP levels of instruction.  Materials for teaching the novel will be shared during the workshop.

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