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Remote Proctoring Service for students taking tests online, away from the proctored classroom environment. 

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*Proctorio requires the Google Chrome browser

For information and assistance with adding Proctorio to your Canvas course, contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning.

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Support is always just a click away. Proctorio loves to make it easy to get instant help 24/7.

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What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is a remote proctoring service software that works within your web browser to monitor test takers for suspicious behaviors.

Why Do We Need Proctorio?

UTC faculty and students all have a strong interest in making sure that exams are graded fairly and impartially, especially for online tests that students are taking remotely. Proctorio uses software, not people, to monitor for suspicious behaviors, so you can be sure that your exam was proctored fairly and impartially.

How Does Proctorio Work?

Proctorio works within your web browser while taking an exam in your learning management system to monitor for suspicious behavior. Because no stand alone program is needed, using Proctorio is easy and safe.

What are the Minimum System Requirements to use Proctorio?

Proctorio offers a flexible service, which may include recording of video, audio, and screen activity or none of the above. The system requirements are dependent on the exam settings. More info can be found here.


Does Proctorio have a secure browser?

Yes. Proctorio can turn a modern web browser into a full secure browser, disable printing and screen captures, and more.

Do I need to change my quizzes or exams to use Proctorio?

No way! Proctorio can be added seamlessly to your courses as they exist today, and no changes to any course content are required.


Sample Syllabus Statement

Quizzes/Tests/Exams and Proctorio: For tests administered online via Canvas, you are required to use the Google Chrome browser and install the Proctorio extension. A webcam may also be required. According to the instructor's configuration, your screen, webcam, and microphone may be used to remotely proctor your completion of the test.

  1. Download and install the Google Chrome browser:
  2. Download and install the Proctorio extension:
  3. Learn more about Proctorio:


Proctorio Module from Canvas Commons

A module has been shared to the Canvas Commons that you can import into your course. This module includes a Canvas page with general information about Proctorio, including support information, and a sample Canvas quiz. The Proctorio enabled quiz is helpful in making sure your students are ready for tests throughout the semester.

You can view and import the module by clicking the Commons link on the global navigation menu in Canvas, then searching for Proctorio.

screenshot showing Canvas commons with proctorio in the search field

For information and assistance with adding Proctorio to your Canvas course, contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning.

For more information, Learn more at the Proctorio website →