What is the Black Male Initiative?  

The Black Males on Campus (BMOC)  initiative is designed to encourage and support the inclusion and educational success of black males.  

The program provides a holistic approach to black males' development by ensuring that they are immersed in an array of activities to increase their chances of graduating.  


Although all students are welcome to participate in BMOCS, the following activities and services are focused primarily on the special needs of black males.   


Cultural Empowerment Reading Experience is a monthly discussion about issues that are relevant to black males. Topics range from relationships to the analysis of a selected text that addresses the historical, cultural, and political realities of black males.

Beating the Odds

A panel to encourage interaction with campus administrators, faculty, peers and community leaders who share their insights and personal experiences on how they succeeded even with the odds against them.

Breaking the Cycle

A focus on social and academic integration, self-perception and identity as related to academic success, communication skills, and personal responsibility. 

Leadership skills development 

Prepares black males to become classroom, campus and community leaders. Black males are encouraged to participate in a variety of volunteer activities and projects.

Financial support

Annual scholarships based on need, leadership, and SSS involvement.